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Fans of Hertfordshire based band, Gallows will be happy to hear that these fantastic guys have released their latest music video – ‘Last June’. When I checked it out, words could not describe just how superb I found this video and the song itself. ‘Last June’ is a music video full of extreme hyperness, excitement and energy just like the band themselves.

Despite being familiar with Gallows for quite some time, I must confess and hang my head in shame for not following there work over the past few months…however by just listening and watching ‘Last June’ made me realise just how these guys not just create a buzz and vibe in the listener, but they remind me just how punk rock should be.

In terms of the video itself, there are two dimensions to it. On one side you have footage of riots taking place, with the police in their riot gear and ready for action. Then on the otherside you have the Gallows and their many fans at a gig – doing what they do best – kicking ass to some insane music. In some sense just watching the video unleashed the rebellious, wild Darkus that some of my readers know, because even though I was watching a music video, I could nevertheless feel the immense energy, as though I was part of the crowd that Gallows were playing too.

The fun does not stop at Last June, because the band have announced that through their own record label, Venn Records they will be unleashing their self titled album 10th September 2012. If that is not good enough, things get better as they embark on a UK tour in October guaranteed to blown ya mind and leave you thinking to yourself – “feck me what just happened”.

Gallows are really going from strength to strength as a band, and each any everytime I hear them be it on CD, Music Video or A live show, I just feel like standing up, cranking the volume up and going crazzzzy!

Last June is definitely worth checking out as well, so be sure to go over to to find out how you can get a free download.

Gallows: October 2012 – Coming to A City Near You!!!

Wed 3rd The HauntBrighton

Thu 4th The CavernExeter

Fri 5th The FleeceBristol

Sat 6th Club Academy Manchester

Mon 8th Academy 2Newcastle

Tue 9th King Tut’sGlasgow

Thu 11th RockCity BasementNottingham

Fri 12th CorporationSheffield

Sat 13th Sugarmill Stoke

Sun 14th Central Station Wrexham

Mon 15th CockpitLeeds

Tue 16th Club RevolutionPeterborough

Wed 17th Academy 2Birmingham

Fri 19th UnderworldLondon


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People often ask me what kind of music I am into, and the truth of the matter is I listen to a variety of genres. Although I may be a pop-punk fanatic at heart, many of my readers will also agree I am never one to turn down a good moshing session down to something on the heavier side. In all honest it unleashes the wild Sir Dee – a person full of hyperness and randomness – Wahoo!

 Anyways back to the matter at hand. There are many great bands that have made me want to mosh till my legs fall off – however one I have been listening to more of most recently is the legends that are Asking Alexandria. I last saw these guys (for the first time as well) at Newcastle’s O2 Academy when they were supported by the likes of Chelsea Grin and With One Last Breath. Before seeing them live, I already had high expectations, but my word the January 2012 performance just left me stunned. Knowing that these brilliant masters of new music are coming back for a 2013 tour, I asked my good friends at Sumerian Records to send me some more insane AA material to check out. It’s a good thing I did because if I didn’t I would not of discovered the greatest album I have heard in quite some time – Reckless and Relentless!

 Damn where on earth do I start with this album – it is a totally strong, mind-blowing piece of work that not did I just want to review it, as I normally do but I wanted to go crazy as though Asking Alexandria were in the room with me. Probably the track which had me going wild in an instant was ‘Dear Insanity’. A well balanced song, which combines meaningful lyrics, a pace which gets the adrenaline pumping and to give it that extra bit of oomph – the fantastic screamo talent that Asking Alexandria which give all material this band creates the perfect identity!

 All the songs on this album should be approached only by those that are prepared to let the music consume their soul and embrace what they are listening to in a way that they loose control of their senses and just have a fecking good time. Each song on the Reckless and Relentless album has its own level of energy and style – but they all give the listener a unique adrenaline rush – a rush for me that is definitely different to any other artist I have listened to in their genre.

 Another song which made me think “feck me this is good stuff” was ‘Someone, Somewhere’. The reason why is yes Asking Alexandria have brilliant screamo skills, but they also have stunning vocals when they just use their normal voices. This makes the track delicate and gentle while at the same time not taking away the powerful talent the guys always seem to maintain in everything that they do.

 Reckless and Relentless ends with the track ‘Morte et Dabo’. Wow! This song is just an insane cocktail of all the things that make Asking Alexandria a band that takes your adrenaline levels to a whole new place! Morte et Dabo is the perfect end to what is an exceptional album because when it comes to an end it leaves you thinking “woah what just happened there, I cant here what you do next Asking Alexandria!

 The band will be back in 2013 with the most spectacular UK tour – a great way to start the New Year! I don’t know about anyone else, but I really can’t wait!!!


Eva Abraham: Cold Light Review

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Article By Dee

 The team at Caravan have been busy recommending Darkus Magazine many amazing artists’ to check out. One of their recent signings, who also happened to take my breath away, was Eva Abraham. As many know female solo artists are like gold dust especially in such a male dominated industry, so when I hear of a female making her mark, Darkus is always happy to support a women’s presence in the music industry.

 The track which captivated me, due to the beauty of Eva’s voice was ‘Cold Light’. It’s quite a chilled out song, with a pace that just relaxes the listener. Just listening to this song made me feel butterflies inside me because it is so elegantly done. The lyrics are deep and meaningful as well, so when you listen careful to the words you don’t just warm to Eva, but it is as though you feel a real connection to the music as well.

 Cold Light is taken from Eva’s upcoming Cold Light Experiences which is released this September via Hamworth Music. With a mix of flavours from folk, gypsy, country, ska, cumbia, blues and jazz, it is said to be something special, especially if the song I just listened to is anything to go by.

 When doing some background research into Eva and her music it made me smile even more to hear that she described The Cold Light Experiences as the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter. If you want music that is soulful, elegant and a breath of fresh air – this is definitely the one for you.

Burning Crows

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British rock and roll music does not get any better than The Burning Crows. I am always passionate about the local music scene, so it came as an actual delight when the guys got in touch with Darkus Magazine, and asked if I could take some time out to check out their music.

 Often when people do something like that, I approach with a open mind, so as Burning Crows were new to me, I went in with the same attitude. Sure I could of gone on to their Facebook and checked out a lot of their tracks, however as a new potential fan, I set the guys the task of picking me some of their favourites that they believed would convert me in an instant. Feck Me! Not only did they rise to the challenge, but they gave me tracks guaranteed to liven up anyone’s mind.

 ‘Best Damn Everything’ has to be one of the best songs from a local band I have heard in the past few weeks. Its old fashion rock and roll but a touch of fresh air, thus taking it to the next level. People often speak about legends such as Guns and Roses and Kiss. While those artists may be top class, Burning Crows really shine in this track. A steady yet energetic pace to the track had me sitting in my chair bopping my head up and down as I typed away. Although focused on work at the time, I could just imagine myself having a quick break to not just dance but get out the air guitar to the amazing skill and talent Burning Crows have.

 This is only the first track I listened to so what about some of the others? ‘Time’ – wow what a song! This track is brilliantly constructed because as well as the fantastic beats, its presented in a way that allows a listener to focus carefully on the thing which make this song beautiful – the lyrics! 2 songs down and I think not only was I past being converted, I was starting to think what to wear if ever I was lucky to see these guys perform.

 My ultimate favourite track from Burning Crows which got me on my feet in a flash, and encouraged me to just go wild and jump with hyperness on my bed was ‘Slow Up, Get Down’. This was just the right song which regardless of your mood, is guaranteed to get you in the party spirit and liven up your day. I think I may of annoyed the neighbours by singing Slow Up Get Down in a loud voice haha – but to hell with it I just loved this song but the only way to deal with critical people is to crank up the volume!

 The speaker levels went up even higher once, ‘You, Me, Tonight’ came on. This is a definite party song, full of stunning vocals, plenty of attitude and beats to make you go wild with excitement.

 Burning Crows have definitely impressed me a lot, and what is best is that they bring an energy to the music scene, that if they maintain will result in them achieving many great opportunities.

 Burning Crows you have the Darkus seal of approval! Keep up the Good Work!!

 The band will be touring in September so be sure to check them out at one of their shows:

 September 1st –Norwich, Waterfront

September 2nd –Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms

September 3rd –London, Borderline

September 5th –Sheffield, Corporation

September 6th –Newcastle, Trillians

September 7th –Glasgow, Cathouse

September 8th –Belfast, Auntie Annie’s

September 9th –Dublin, Academy 2

September 11th –Cardiff, Bogiez

September 12th,Nottingham, Bodega

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 Design The Skyline are back doing what they do their best, creating first class amazing music. The team at Victory informed me about their music video, ‘Break Free From Your Life’, therefore being a fan of their material it was important that I checked out the video for my self.

 Listening and watching the fantastic material took me back to bands such as Silverstein, another Victory band who helped me in my journey to alternative music in my university days. Design The Skyline are similar to them, however they also have their own unique twist and edge which makes them stand out.

 In terms of the song itself, the lyrics are deep and go nicely with the fast catchy beat. I just wanted to mosh non stop to this. Lord knows how many times I pressed the replay button on this video. I ask many bands I come across the song that gets their adrenaline pumping. From a listener point of view ‘Break Free From Your Life’ is a definite contender for me.

 What about the video itself then? Unlike other videos you see there are no gimmicks, which some artists try to use to distract the attention from the music. This video is simple and straight to the point which I like because it shows what makes Design The Skyline a fantastic up and coming band – the energy, passion and commitment from all members of the band which make them a pleasure not just to listen to but watch as well.

 Your probably wondering to yourself when you can see this brilliant up and coming new band. If you happen to be in the USAduring August you can catch them on their headline tour supported by friends Amyst and Silence the Messenger. If you are not that fortunate however never fear because you can still be part of the Design The Skyline experience by getting your hands on their most recent album Nevaeh, which is available in all good stores now !

 To find out more information about Design The Skyline and other brilliant artists part of the Victory family, head over to


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Prepare to be amazed when I tell you that Artist Robert Hood is back in the music industry with his fantastic new album, Motor: Nighttime World 3. Released in September 2012, through the label Music Man – I believe this masterpiece to be a great start to Autumn.

 I was completely breath taken when my friends at EPM sent me this brilliant album to check out. What Hood does with this album is that he takes an every day item, in this case a motor vehicle, and uses it as a concept to create some pretty impressive beats and grooves. I totally respect this guy for his ability to bring imagination and in a way an art of creativity to the world of music.

 The album starts with the delicate yet moving, Exodus. It is a very lovely introduction to the album, as from an instant it takes the listener into the world of Robert Hood, as he sees it. With an album title “Motor: Nighttime World 3” you can just imagine how this is music where you can imagine a busy city calming down at night. It the case of Robert Hood, he based much of the idea onDetroit.

 My favourite track on this album has to be, ‘Hate Transmissions’. The beat and pace of this piece of music are unreal. For me, it was one that as I listened I could really feel consuming my soul, sending a chilling yet exciting sensation down my spine. The sophisticated sounds and vibe this album creates for the listener is one which gives you a sudden rush of adrenaline, with each track blowing your mind due to the uniqueness.

 Taking his talent to the masses, Robert Hood has started a World Tour, which started 6th July 2012 inSpain and finishing in November inSydney,Australia. Although theUK may not be part of his tour, if you happen to be inEurope over the next few months you must definitely go and check this fantastic artist out.

 The album is released 17th September 2012 – so make sure you make the time to check this stunning artist and his music out.

Robert Hood Facebook page