Swedish Bands Worth Checking Out

Posted: August 10, 2011 in New Music

As a person who is crazy about new music, I am always excited when I come across a group that gets me hooked and hyper straight away. Although there are many brilliant US and British artists, who are lucky to come and tour on UK shores, sadly there are also a few other groups who are absolutly fecking awsome that dont have that opportunity.

Having done my radio show for many years, it was in the final years that I learnt, thanks to Pure Volume, and my friend from Sweden, of some totally downright awsome Swedish bands.

These bands include:


Chemical Vocation

Social Siberia

Her Bright Skies

Thanks to my good pals at Panic & Action in coming weeks I will be able to tell you more about these bands – and find out what makes them tick.

In the mean time please check out the Panic and Action official website. http://www.panicandaction.com/

New Music – wherever it is in the world – its time its brilliance in all nations is recognized!!!


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