Information Overload!!!

Posted: September 17, 2011 in Down Right Awsome

Alot of  exciting stuff to tell you about….

Firstly there are some new interviews and reviews out at the moment. These include interviews with the two singer song writers, Spartz (a up and coming young black British Rap Star) and Garth Adams (an incredibly talented musician fromAustralia). You can find their exclusive interviews in the Interview Section of the Magazine.

The fun does not stop there, as I have added some gig reviews with bands such as Dixon Did It, and most recently Oh My Days. These are all local north east bands, which if you ever get the pleasure of watching, show you why the North East music scene absolutely kicks ass.

 Another bit of good news is that I am starting to release some official Darkus Online Magazine merchandise – and the best thing about it is it is absolutely FREE. At the moment we have some lovely T shirts – in return all I ask is if you spread the word of Darkus Online to as many people as you know. Your friends, random people you meet at gigs, etc etc. Think of it as a sort of street team but with no membership fees to pay, just the knowledge that you are joining my revolution of promoting new music.

This is music promotion – Sir D Style……Just The Way I Like It

Anyways If you would like a Free Tshirt, and would like to join Team Darkus, just drop me a line at – I am always happy to hear from you.

 Thank You, and remember Live Free, Be Happy & Rock On!!!!


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