Single Review: Best of Luck – by Oh My Days

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Many of you will remember a little while ago I went along to the Oh My Days show to check out there performance. SPeaking to the band they had many things in the pipeline. It fulls me to excitement to know that they are due to release there next track, Best of Luck, on November 28th 2011. Thanks to these four talented bunch of lads, I was able to take a sneaky listen to the upcoming release.

From first impressions, this is definately a catchy, well made and bouncy song. Listeners will find that without realising it, they will be humming the lyrics long after the song has finished playing. This song shows that when it comes to pop-punk, Oh My Days are just as capable at creating this musical intoxication, and proof that the north east music scene needs to be more acknowledged. When you have groups like Oh My Days creating such magnificient material such as this it makes you proud to know that our region is thriving with such fantasic local talent.

Whatever your doing, whoever you are – Best of Luck will take your hyperness to the next level.

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