Amazing yet undiscovered Swedish Talent!

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

The thing about new talent, is that you just dont need to be a band to get noticed. There are plenty everyday people out there who have such brilliant talent. In the world there is a big hype over X Factor type shows, but if you simply check out things such as You Tube, you will get a better picture about what the term raw talent really means.

Having done just that, I was pleasantly suprized to see that an old Swedish  friend of mine, by the name of Mixxi, had released a few acoustic covers of some pretty amazing songs.  What is even better is that she covers a wide genre of songs, which shows shes not afraid to push herself.

Just listening to Mixxi’s voice in songs such as When It Rains, and I Predict A Riot is extrememly capitivating. These songs may be covers, but her passion and the determination in her voice give these songs an extra edge, thus sucessfully making the songs her own.

From checking out this young, talented lady’s songs on You Tube, its difficult for me to choose a favorite, as they are all brilliant. However one song I cant stop listening to, as her voice is mesmorising and the original artists version was already one of my favourites is Kill Hannah’s “Lips Like Morphine”. Also the song “Hey Jude”. To be honest I hated the original version of this song, but Mixxi’s version has totally changed my mind.

So then in summary, not only does Mixxi have an amazing voice and talent, but is a prime example of how cover songs dont have to be dull and boring. If she ever decided to write her own material and make that make step into the music industry I would be extrememly supportive and excited for her. She has definately got a gifted voice which will take her far in life.

So forget X Factor – go straight to the real deal and check out Mixxi at:

You will definately not be dissapointed!!!!


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