Young London

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Dee

Recently Darkus Online Magazine, teamed up with an amazing label called Maphia Management. A label that is connected to the likes of Eyes Sets to Kill, I was intrigued to see what other artists these guys worked with. Having searched the artist roster, my eyes were instantly lit up on a duo who call themselves Young London.  

 So what do we know about Young London, well the two talented stars behind this act are Matt and Sarah. Starting back only in 2011, they quickly realized that their writing styles combined to form a unique, catchy electro-pop style. I think they should be commended for this, because in the world of alternative music many artists tend to go to genres such as metal, screamo, pop-punk or something in between. Maphia Management deals with quite a few bands into heavier genres, so all credit to Young London for breaking the mould and doing their own thing.

 AT present Matt and Sarah have a debut album out, self titled Young London. The guys at Maphia were able to hook me up with a copy to check out. From the outset I was totally amazed, not only are the beats catchy but there addictive too. This album has 10 tracks in total and as debuts go, I think its just enough to get people to instantly fall in love with their music.

 Every song was unique and fascinating, but there were a few in particular that took my hyperness to the next level. One song in particular was, ‘Be My Radio’. With vocals from both Sarah and Matt, this is a good song to show how equally talented both these people are. Not only this but you cant help but smile just listening to this song. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, and full of so much positive emotion, which makes me love this track even more.

 I often ask artists which songs make them get their adrenaline going, but on this occasion the one which got the energy going for me was Whipped. WOW! I love the way how the song tells a story, and gets you thinking about standing up for yaself, and stop being a push over.

 Another one, which I could imagine getting into the party mood too, is The Good Stuff. For me its about just enjoying life to the full and gives you a good vibe and buzz!

 Young London are definitely created a name for themselves in the music industry. There is something about this band which makes them different to the other artists I come across. The fact that the band have only been active for over a year, makes me excited to see how Young London raise the standards even higher for their future releases. I can see them going far, because they are doing their own thing, in a short time, and will total class, quality and brilliance!


‘YoungLondon’ By YoungLondon, Get Your Copy Today, and Prepare to Crank Up the Volume and Go Crazy!!

  1. Cate says:

    Love the CD…and you are spot on. My two favorites are Be My Radio, and Whipped. Whipped is catchy and hillarious.

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