I Am Maiden

Posted: January 26, 2012 in New Music
I Am Maiden
By Amanda Knox

Introducing the hottest new tribute band to Iron Maiden; I AM MAIDEN.  Based in Newcastle, I Am Maiden rocked out their first ever gig at The Three Tuns in Gateshead on the 7th of January 2012.

I first heard plans of this band’s potential take off mid 2011, so this has been a long and exciting build-up!
Singer; Paul Hewitson is well known for fronting Maiden England, a popular Iron Maiden tribute band also based in the North East.  Having departed Maiden England due to creative differences, Paul joined Higher On Maiden, his brother Ian McKenzie’s band.  I Am Maiden was created in August 2011, fronted by Paul with Ian on drums along with Damian, Gary and Stuart rocking on the strings!
Ready for their first gig; the venue was packed, the audience were in high spirits and that wasn’t just the alcohol!
The atmosphere was incredible from the moment of arrival, everyone was anxious to witness the first ever performance of I Am Maiden.  Metal fans all gathered at the event, dressed in their best leathers, excited with anticipation and expecting a performance that was no less that unforgettable.  
I Am Maiden did not disappoint, the energy and talent to entertain that the band displayed kept us all moving!  Being entertained by such a cheerful band sets the mood for any night and this was truly and enjoyable night all round.
Off to an incredible start; I Am Maiden take the spotlight and look to a successful and exciting future, with the resemblance to the sound of the real Iron Maiden, I think we’re going to see a lot more of these guys and it will be an era to look forward to!
I Am Maiden owned the stage and I believe that this is the start of something big.
Watch out for future shows, I Am Maiden deliver a performance not to be missed!

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