Soundwave Music Competition – The Final

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Down Right Awsome

Article By Dee

For the past weeks some of our region’s finest bands have been going head to head, in the Soundwave Music Competition. At long last it has been announced we have a final in the horizon, a showdown of the most diverse yet talented local artists to suit anyone!

 The day of this epic moment in our regions music scene is Saturday 11th February at the O2 Academy in Newcastle.

Those bands to make it to the final are:

Below The Bridge

 The McQues

Wild Thorn

The Stroll

Jane & Adam


DixonDid It

 The Way

 From this list, I can see it is gonna be an incredibly tough choice for the judges, as its anybody’s game. All of these artists have such great potential, and have such high standards that even I would struggle to find a winner within that lineup.

 There is one thing I can be certain of though, what ever happens this is gonna be a downright awesome battle to the end. Its competitions such as this which give local artists the recognition they deserve, and give the critics the warning that, local music is the revolution!

 If you have not got your ticket to this fantastic showdown, then you can either get your tickets via the O2 Academy inNewcastleor getting tickets from the bands themselves! This is seriously an event you seriously do not want to miss!

For more information click here


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