Ticktockman – Debut Album Available from 14th Feb 2012

Posted: February 1, 2012 in New Music


By Dee

My friends, Maphia Management from theUSA always impress me, when it comes to introducing me to their nation’s new artists. Matthew Salztman, one of the labels finest artist managers told me about this amazing new band that is due to release their debut album in mid February.

 Made up of five members, Andy Lum, Ryan Van Wieringen, Morgan ‘Boon’ Bruner, Brock Lowry and Phil Sells – this group of talented individuals wanted to keep their passion of music alive. Who are they – Ticktockman!

 For those of you who want to know who is in this brilliant new band, Ticktockman is a fusion of former members from Gatsby’s American Dream and Wild Orchid Children. Two amazing bands in their own right, so it excited me to consider how explosive the music would be when they joined forces.

 The self titled album, also called Ticktockman is made of 11 addictive, catchy yet unique songs, with every single track being a total pleasure to listen to!

 You will know by now when it comes to album reviewing, I cannot resist but highlight some of the tracks which standout to me.

 Opening the album we start withArchaicRepublic. With a smooth and slow pace at the beginning, this track is deceptively anything but dull. The vocals are deep and meaningful and the lead singer draws you into his mind as he expresses himself through the band’s music. I like the sudden and random bursts of energy which take you by surprise, and the fact that all the way through that track I never once stopped bopping away!

 “Sinister Mystery Cloud Swallows Ship” totally appeals to me as another fecking amazing track. Not only do I love the name of this song, but the name is somewhat metaphorical as it gets you thinking, making you look deeply into your soul. The beats are so memorizing and I love how both vocals and solo riffs compliment each other!

 Some albums you listen to have the odd long track, which can be a bit of a mixed bag, especially as it can be difficult to keep the attention of the listener. However  “Scavenger! Move Along!” fascinates me. Firstly it is full of attitude and extremely slick. The mix of paces & styles with the tunes make this an interesting cocktail….and more importantly keeps you alert as you eagerly wait to find out how the track develops the longer it goes. By doing so, when the music kicks in and the pace picks up, you can’t help but feel an adrenaline rush!

 Hand on heart however I can quite safely say that “Young Drugs” has to be my absolute favourite song on this album. Again plenty of attitude and confidence comes across in this album, just being able to listen to this track just makes you wanna get hyper and create your own little mosh pit! Imagine if you would, how easy it is to imagine the whole room coming alive if this song were to be performed at a live show! I dunno about anyone else but I would definitely not hold back!

 It’s a shame that all good things have to come to an end, but the album’s last track “Mighty Veil” helps this album end on a high. Mighty Veil shows how smooth and professional Ticktockman are as a band….but at the same time the beats show how they can make any song come alive when you least expect it!

 Released on February 14th 2012 – this is a debut album definitely worth checking out!

 For more information about the band check out:






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