Holy State

Posted: February 5, 2012 in New Music

Holy State


Let Me tell you about a band I cannot seem to get outta my head of the moment, because there addictive –HolyState. This British group have made me changed the way I think about different genres of music. The first time I listened to them, I stumbled across their track “Dial ‘M’ for Monolith”, which was like a breath of fresh air. The beat and pace of this song are awesome, and at only 2 minutes 44 is a bit of a cheeky little tease to get you wondering about finding out what elseHolyStatehas to offer.

Taking this into consideration, I was fascinated to learn that this talented group of musicians had a variety of music vides on You Tube. However there was only one which had me converted toHolyStatein an instant – “Lady Magika”. The video features all members of the band doing what they do best, creating fecking hot music that gets the listener feel nothing but sheer adrenaline and delight. In the background you have various animations going on which give you a glimpse into the mind ofHolyState. The pace is nice and steady, but quite literally after a while they pickup the tempo and take the song to the next level. This is shown in the video when they are soon in space with rockets and  stars all around. Just watching this video makes you think your in a dream because of the way it is presented, and although it may come to an abrupt finish, once the music stops you think to yourself – What the feck just happened there! What happens next after you think this? You listen and watch it again obviously ha! 

HolyState are definitely a British band to watch out for. 

For more information and to be converted in an instant check out http://www.holy-state.co.uk/


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