Soundwave Music Final…Who Wins? You Decide!!

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Down Right Awsome

Less than a week to go, and it will soon be time for the Soundwave Music Competition at the O2 Academy. Remember if you have not got your tickets yet, then be sure to buy them asap, as this is gonna be one sensational showdown.

 I briefly wrote last time about who exactly was playing, but you know what I don’t think that was quite enough. With so much talent going on, its important you all have a better understanding of who these mighty fine contenders are and what makes them tick!

 The Stroll are an alternative indie rock formed in August 2011 from the north east of England (Durham/Newcastle area). This four piece group is made up of: Josh Pringle – (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar) ,Paul Heslop – (Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar), Jack Brown – (Bass) & Ben Gash – (Drums). They describe themselves as a band that like to chill and play their tunes.

  Wildthorn are another relatively new band, only being around for just a little over a year. From Newcastle Upon Tyne, its quite inspiring to watch this band as they are recreating old influences in their music and making it fresh with their own elegant rock and roll twist. I saw them perform not so long ago when they were playing along side Public Secret at the Cluny. They took my breathe away and I totally loved their energy and charisma!

 Going back to just a stunning voice and an acoustic guitar the next contenders are Jane & Adam. I have often said acoustic can be a bit of a tricky business especially as very few artists have the confidence to go back to basics. Therefore I believe that these two alone will bring something different to the competition.

 The McQues an unsigned band from my neck of the woods, County Durham are an Indie Pop band influences by the likes of the Maccabees, and again a totally unique act in this competition.

 Another band with old influences, are Below the Bridge. Into the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Kings of Leon, the thing about their music is that it is totally easy to chill out and relax to regardless of what your preferred genre may be.

 If you know more about these contestants you will agree that the type of music they play is all diverse – so surely it would be impossible to add another touch of individuality to the twist? Hell no, this is the North East remember, our unique and varied music scene is what makes the local scene special.

 The Hypnotix State are our final contenders with there experimental methods which make you fascinated simply by listening to them. Due to their creativity and ability to take risks, it is hard to place them in a specific genre. The only thing I can think of is, Random but fecking amazing!

 This is a final right, so you must be thinking to yourself how on earth are we able to pick a winner from this group of talented and different acts. There is a panel of judges, but everyday people like you and me also have the ability to have input.

 Voting can also be done by text, but rather than tell you how myself and get you all confused, check out the Facebook page for full details!

 Whoever wins, I know this, all bands who have taken part have the potential to go far!!


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