What Happened In Vegas

Posted: February 7, 2012 in New Music


Do I have a beauty of a band to tell you about this week. What Happened in Vegas are a four piece band fromWarren,MichiganUSA. When I did my research into WHIV I was surprised to learn that this group of talented musicians are still unsigned. It just illustrates what I have been saying all along, that you don’t have to be a signed band to create fecking amazing music.

 As an unsigned band, they have already come very far, having released 3 EP’s. My favourite album has to be their 2010 release, “The Anatomy Of A Boy’s Mind”. If you check out there Myspace or Facebook, you will be able to check out some of the songs on the EP. Just listening to this album you can instantly tell that this is a band who love what they are doing, as there music is full of so much energy and passion.

 What Happened In Vegas kinda remind me of a mix between three of my favourite bands, Brand New, Sugarcult and Chiodos. However what makes What Happened In Vegas is that their music is fresh and stays in your mind even after the music has stopped.

 Clearwater” is definitely one track on this EP I would recommend checking out. The lyrics are pretty deep and let you see their perspective of a rocky relationship.

 If there are two songs in particular however which put a smile on my face they would have to be “Why Are You Even Wearing Shoes?” and “Twenty Six”. Both these tracks contain a lot of attitude as the lyrics are about standing up and speaking your mind.

 With so much potential in What Happened In Vegas, it makes me hyper to know that there are artists out there, creating such amazing tunes. Furthermore its important we all pay attention to the music industry, because its new bands such as What Happened In Vegas which will take music to a level where it would be impossible to resist the urge to let the music consume your soul.



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