Harlot: 3rd February 2012

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Down Right Awsome

Harlot – 3rd February 2012

Venue: Legends, Newcastle Upon Tyne

By Dee

 It has been two years since I last saw this band named Harlot. They were playing in the Dog and Parrot with some other bands which weren’t really by cup of tea. However when James McLackland and his band Harlot took to the stage back in 2010, I totally loved the music they were creating.

Having not seen them after this, I was happy to hear that 2 years later this metal band from the North East were still going strong. Wanting to see how they had progressed I went along to Legends with good friends Chris and Sarah to see these guys perform.

 My impression of them 2 years ago was not the same one I had after seeing them this year. Back in 2010 I could see them as a band to watch out for, but now I was fecking sure that without a doubt they will go extremely far.

 Bearing in mind that Harlot are described as metal band, its only very rarely I see anyone in the local music scene raise their game and say to the rest of the country – “fuck what you think – the north east local scene is strong and awesome”. I totally loved how as soon as the first song began to the very last that the head banging was non stop!

 One of my favorite songs was Empty Words………man this song just left me speechless, as you got into the mind of the band. The vocals produced by James are totally spectacular and if you listen carefully have similarities to the likes of Avenged Sevenfold but a younger version with even more attitude!


It is hard to put into words just how great Harlot were at Legends. It would probably be easier to me to compare it to one of my favorite drinks, Absinthe. You may only have a small sample, but once its in your system it fucks with your mind, gets you all hyper – but damn it’s a totally fun process!


If you have not seen Harlot perform, its time you bloody well did!



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