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Posted: February 16, 2012 in Down Right Awsome


Artists are the lime light of the music industry, but its important we also remember the people who make their dreams a reality. As my American Management Group of the season, I thought it would be useful to speak to my new good friends to see what goes on exactly from a managerial point of view.


I must thank David Aguilera and Matthew Saltzman from taking time out of their busy schedules to speak to me. These two gentlemen are absolute legends, making it an honour to know them both as not just colleagues but good friends!


Dee: Who came up with the concept of Maphia Management?


Dave: I came up with it. I basically just got to the point where I had gone as far as I could working at other labels and management companies. Decided it was time to take what I had learned and put my spin on it…


Dee: Tell us who the members of your team are that make MM so amazing?


Matt: Well we’ve got Dave who has 15 years + experience and has seen just about every side of the industry and understands all the players involved. And then Casey has a ton of experience in live production as well as the artistic bent. I come from the live world as well and bring the touring and grass roots promo focus to the mix.


 Dee: You cover such a wide variety of genres – what would you say is your favourite genre if any?


Dave: I love everything but I guess you could say my roots are in metal/rock


Matt: Will always be a pop-punk kid at heart though I listen to anything with a heavy groove.


Dee: What is the most rewarding part of your job?


Dave: Seeing the look in my bands eyes when they walk off the stage of a good show.


Matt: I think pretty much anyone in this industry has wanted to be or has already been in a band and live out that rockstar dream. Even though I fall in the wannabe category I agree with Dave, it’s getting to enjoy the successes with your artist and feel that you are part of the band even if you’re not the one on the stage.


 Dee: So much attention is given to the artists that people seem to forget about the ones who help them go in the right direction. Therefore how important is it for an artist to have a good management team behind them?


Dave: It’s like growing up without parents of course you can make it in life with no parental direction its just going to be way harder road.


Matt: I mean, if you’re going to have a management team I hope it’s not a bad one. But at the same time the bands that go out seeking management before they’re ready aren’t really doing themselves any favours either because both parties end up spinning their wheels without seeing much of a result. As a mentor of mine once put it, timing is everything in this business, so I think the timing of the decision to seek out and involve management is almost more important than anything else (assuming the team you pick is solid).


 Dee: What process do artists have to go through before they are ready to work with the likes of Maphia Management?


Dave: For me I just have to no its real, I only want to work with bands that are willing to bleed for their dreams.


Matt: Agreed – need to see that everyone in the band is involved and committed and will push each other and push management and push the team forward when everything seems to be stacked against them. Positive attitude is extremely important.


Dee: (Question for Matt): You look after the likes of Young London and Ticktockman – I already know from listening to them that there fecking amazing…..but what was it you saw in these artists that made you certain that you wanted to work with them?


Matt: With Ticktockman I was a friend of one of the primary songwriters in Andy Lum. He reached out asking if I could make a suggestion for management and after the listening to the music I oh-so-humbly suggested Dave and myself. For me it was all about the quality of the musicianship, song writing, obviously my personal relationship with Andy, and most importantly their obvious hunger and desire to make the project successful.


With Young London it was a bit different. Didn’t know either Matt or Sarah personally, but again after the listening to the music and seeing that it obviously had some very serious potential I wanted to at least have a conversation with Matt. Once I saw the same things in him in terms of not only his desire, but also his smarts and willingness to throw himself at any suggestion or opportunity presented I was sold.


 Dee: (Question for Dave): You have already introduced me to so many great artists in such a short space of time – is there any in particular which are continuously amazing you that they leave you thinking “feck me your hot”?


Dave: Butcher Babies, band is so good live, Chris the Drummer is hands down best metal drummer in LA.


Matt: I mean… have you seen them? I know the girls and I still catch flies!


 Dee: Are there any specific guidelines you expect your artists to follow if they are working with you?


Matt: Honesty and hard work.


 Dee: With having quite a few artists on your roster, how do you divide the responsibilities between the workers of Maphia Managament?


Dave: We all have different bands we manage at the company and then I just kinda oversee everything.


 Dee: You are listening to a song or watching a band perform for the first time – what keys things are you looking for in their performance?


Dave: Good live band and great front guy/girl, you have to be amazing these days live to make it…


Matt: As much as I understand how important the lead is since they’ll always be the focus, I care a lot about how the rest of the band is able to support, both musically and in terms of their ability to hold themselves well in the spotlight. Not every successful band has an obvious star, but the bands that become better than the sum of their parts with or without that lead will always be successful.


 Dee: Darkus Online Magazine is fully aware of all your brilliant work and contribution to the music scene. What other things have you got in mind for the next 12 months?


Dave: wouldn’t you like to know haha!


Matt: World domination, duh. Haha, just creating opportunities for our artists and continuing to push boundaries with what I think is a bit of forward thinking as far as management models goes.


 Dee: Have you had any regrets?


Dave: Nope – Mistakes are the best learning experiences.


Matt: Meeting this guy in red^^^ haha jokes jokes. Agreed. Dave has done well to impart that wisdom to the whole team.


 Dee: No job is every easy, so what would you say is the hardest part of your jobs?


Matt: Accepting failure and realizing that not everyone in this industry is honest and looking out for the bands. It’s usually the opposite, and that’s hard to understand as someone who s job it is to support the band first and foremost.


 Dee: Complete the sentence. Maphia Managment makes us proud to be a part of because……..


Matt: It’s a Phamily.



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