Pulled Apart By Horses: February 16th 2012

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Down Right Awsome

Pulled Apart By Horses & The Computers


Digitial: The Other Rooms – Newcastle Upon Tyne


Date: 16th February 2012


Article by Dee

 Many of you will have been to see Pulled Apart By Horses when they came to Newcastle as part of their recent UK tour. For a set of artists who have created such a big reputation in a short space of time, it made me hyper to know that apart from listening to them on the radio, I could actually see them live.

 I would not be much of a reviewer if I told you about PABH straightaway, as there is so much other news to tell you about first. Most shows I go to you usually get 2 or 3 other artists which set the tone for the rest of the night. However despite their only being one support band, this was nevertheless one band that certainly got me hooked in an instant.

 Calling themselves, “The Computers”, this five piece group dressed in white took to the stage with an explosive opening number. What I was witnessing in front of me was unadulterated energy in a league which I thought only existed in dreams. One foot on the keyboard, and the other on the barrier, the lead singer was singing was singing to the crowd, make the whole set feel intimate and personal.

 The energy is not limited to just the music, The Computers also radiate it through their personalities. The whole group was here to party, rock and go hyper regardless of whether or not you were prepared. Just like the tunes, the band are full of power, adrenaline and attitude.

 The songs are fast and catchy, causing you to fall instantly into the world of the computers. In the lead singers own words this is a world where “music is not dead”. This band have such a good crowd interaction and connection as well. Performing the final song of their set in the middle of the crowd, I am left speechless as all I can do is look in amazement.

 I have no idea of what I have just witnessed, but what I can be certain of is that as support bands go, The Computers have just created a standard which will be extremely hard to beat.

 With The Computers having left the stage I wait full of adrenaline for our hosts for this evening, Pulled Apart By Horses to take to the stage. I think it is worth noting that I have been waiting all week for this show, not only to put a face to the band I heard such good news about, but also to go to a show at a venue that is completely new to me. Yes it may have been a long wait, but was fecking  worth it!

 The room was pretty full for The Computers, but I take a glimpse around the room and the place is now in a position that if you want to enjoy Pulled Apart By Horses at the finest, you better make sure you find a good view quick and fast!


I was stood right at the front of the barrier, which I usually try to avoid as I know that more often than not I would be crushed. You know what though, for Pulled Apart By Horses and this gig in general for once I did not care, because I just wanted to make the best of a golden opportunity of being able to come to this show.

 The starting song was explosive just again, like the Computers, but with it being Pulled Apart By Horses it had that extra edge somehow! Each song was unique, and pact full of energy. Credit to them for keeping their motivation and high spirits on stage. From an audience point of view if the bands are full of confidence and positive vibes, then this will spread to the crowds as well.

 Sometimes when your expectations of an artist are high, its sometimes inevitable that you may feel a bit let down. HOWEVER with Pulled Apart By Horses, there is no worry with an issue such as that…….because not only are they good to hear on CD or on the Radio, but to see them perform live in front of you makes you fall deeper in love with Pulled Apart By Horses.

 It is sad to say that unfortunately I could not stay to see the whole of their set, but what I did stay to listen to was spectacular and mind blowing. For 2012 this was definitely one of the gigs I will remember for a long time to come, and the next time the band come to Newcastle I will definitely be coming to see PABH again!



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