Plans Within Plans

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Down Right Awsome

MXPX Album Review: Plans Within Plans

 By Dee

Back in 2004 I was starting to get into the world of alternative music. One of the band’s which helped me to get a head start was MXPX. There’s not a day that goes by that listening to a bit of classic MXPX doesn’t put a smile on my face especially after a very busy and tiring day.

 Anyway when I heard the band would be coming toNewcastlein April as part of theirUKtour I screamed with absolute hyperness (Sarah andRoywill be able to confirm this ha)! From all the artist’s I have seen live, never did I think I would be lucky enough to see these legends anytime soon.

 I don’t know about anyone else but when a major gig of a lifetime is approaching I like to know what an artist has been upto. Rather than scratching my head for too long with confusion, I decided to contact my good friend Felix at Flix-Records and he told me about their latest album – ‘Plans Within Plans’.

 Noticing my excitement, Felix was able to send me a sneak peak of this latest MXPX masterpiece, and fecking hell is it awesome or what!!!

 The album starts with the track Aces – a nice fast paced and catchy number, which encourages the listener to get hyper to MXPX straight away. Afterall this time, it makes me glad to know that bands such as MXPX are still going from strength to strength.

 One of the tracks which stuck out immediately for me was “The Times”. There is something about the song that just puts you in a positive mood. With this song its not only the upbeat tunes, but the Carpe Diem style lyrics. This positive vibe continues into the next song after this, “In the past”.

 My absolute favourite song on this album is “Cast Down My Heart”. It reminds me a of older MXPX material but a with a fresh new twist on it, thus giving you the pleasure of the best of both worlds.

 The remarkable thing about MXPX’s lyrics in all of their songs is that they are not just singing about anything, they talk about the every day thoughts we all have about life and relationships. It gets you thinking which is good especially as many people, even myself turn to music as a way of releasing their stress.  

 All the tracks on ‘Plans within Plans’ are fabulous, catchy and unique. I am certain as a writer and a hardcore MXPX fan that this album will do extremely well. Its by listening to this album, I remember why exactly I loved them in the first place!



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