Soundwave music final commentry!

Posted: March 10, 2012 in New Music

The Soundwave Final took place last month, and I asked some of my street teamers to come along to the show to check out some of the talent on offer. As soon as Jane & Adam came on stage, dear Joshua’s eyes lit up with excitement. Here are his words below!

Jane & Adam

By Josh Marshall

I didn’t really know what to think when Jane and Adam came onto stage I was a bit in the middle, but as soon as Adam started to playing acoustic guitar and Jane started to sing my heart just melted This acoustic duo totally blew my mind, I know I might be being a bit bias about this cause I have to say acoustic music is my favourite kind of music so I would have picked them to win but not only because it was an acoustic set but because they really did deserve winning sound wave, they were so into what they were doing and just loved it, I’m surprised they didn’t win, but there is always next time to win.

But the one thing that totally got me with Jane and Adam all the songs were amazing but they ended on a Ben Howard song and I have to say one of the most amazing musician’s in my life time, and that just totally made my night and I know for fine fact it made one of my work partners very, very happy, I was just a bit sad I couldn’t get to interview them, would have to say if you’re looking for anything new and you’re sick of the same old stuff defiantly check out Jane & Adam.


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