The Weight of the World

Posted: March 10, 2012 in New Music

Cancer Presents: The Weight of the World

Review by Dee

Remember the band CANCER I interviewed? I did of bit searching around to see what else I could find out about them. I was totally amazed when I stumbled across “The Weight of The World” album (thanks Felix!).

 Where do I start with this album? Starting off the with the song ‘As long as we are one’ is packed full of energy and adrenaline. As starting songs go, this lays the foundations for the rest of the tracks that follow.

 I always like songs which are mixed with smoothness and attitude, so Dying Fairytale definitely got me smiling. I found it impossible to resist the urge to bop my head along as I listened to this track. It may sound weird but this song really reaches inside my soul, and gives me my own boost of adrenaline!

 Listening to CANCER’s album reminds me of a European version of a Canadian band I discovered back in 2004 while I was over inCanada, namedJersey. I totally lovedJersey, but feck me Cancer have just made me instantly addicted.     

 One song I just had to keep pressing repeat for – and would most probably be an extremely welcome edition to my IPod is ‘The Glory So Far’. In my head I could imagine if this song was played at a show I would find it hard not to dance or even dive straight into the heart of the mosh pit!

 The Weight of The World is one you should all check out, and it will definitely get you wondering what else these amazing guys can do!


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