Insomniac Take Their Passion Of Music Further! – And Fuck Me Its Good!!!!

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Fuck Me This Is Good Stuff!!!

Insomniac Review

By Dee

Insomniac are taking their music to new heights by unleashing some of their own music. In the past you could only hear their material if you were lucky enough to see them perform in our local area. Although it may be good to see a new young group perform live in front of you – it also makes you wonder what it would be like if you heard a local band’s material on your ipod or cd player! It’s a good way to show that a band are willing to push themselves to take their passion of music forward.

 Angus & Joe – members of the band dropped me a message to tell me to check out some of their recorded material on You Tube. At present the song has no allocated title – just the name Demo!

  I was totally blown away from what I heard. Yes it may be a rough edit and a demo, but for a first attempt its fucking fantastic! The beats are catchy, and musically well balanced. When the vocals kick in oh my god I was just smiling with amazement. Close your eyes while listening and you can feel the passion, focus and maturity in the lead vocalist’s voice.

 Without sounding patronizing, this is a relatively new band and if they are creating material like this they are definitely going to create a positive impact on the local music scene.

 Check out the Youtube video right now – because it’s a piece of music which any band – be they local or international, should be proud of!



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