Fin Release Twenty Three and Eve in April! Make Sure you check them out!!

Posted: March 15, 2012 in New Music

Single Reviews By Dee

Fin, a group of 4 talented guys from Wandsworth are about to unleash their latest singles Eve and Twenty Three in the British music scene on 16th April through Artisan Records.  

 I was lucky enough to hear a sneak preview of both of these tracks. A completely new band to me I was left totally speechless from the first impression they gave me. ‘Eve’ is a nice soulful song, which stays on your mind even after the music has ended. What I love is the fact that the vocals of front man Luke Joyce blow you away, especially when put together by the amazing beats provided by the rest of the band.

 On the other hand, the single Twenty Three is the complete opposite, showing that Fin are capable of putting variety in their music, thus making it fun for the listener. Twenty Three is an upbeat, catchy pop-rock style song.

 Fin are influenced by the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters which from listening carefully you can hear in their music. However what makes them different is that they take those influences and give the music there own unique twist – so in effect you get a fusion which gives you best of both worlds.

 I am looking forward to see how well Fin will do when these two tracks are released officially. I really hope they succeed, because from just listening to these two tracks has got me hooked in an instant!  

For more information about this FANTASTIC British Band check out: &


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