6th March 2012: Sound of Guns Leave Me Hooked!

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Down Right Awsome

Sound of Guns Leave Me Hooked

 Article ByDee

 Photos taken by Ellen Dixon

 The thing I love about the magazine is that I come across so many amazing artists, thanks to my good friend’s at Division Promotions. Their latest bunch of talented musicians to come to the north east was Sound of Guns. The only knowledge I had of their material was the odd song or so that I had seen on You Tube – which btw is totally amazing. I actually think its better going to a performance where you know where little about the act you have come to see, because it allows you to have an open mind, thus allowing your opinion to be objective rather than subjective.

 Anyway back to the review. The O2 Academy – 6th March 2012 I could atlast put a face to Sound of Guns, and man I was absolutely amazed at what I was seeing. It may not have been that crowded like other shows at the academy, but that was irrelevant, because whether there were 10 people or 100 people in the room, Sound of Guns still gave a 200% performance.

 You could just feel the energy in the room, which was radiating from the band. You could really tell in their voice that they were living and loving their music. One of my favourite songs by them, which is also the one of the few songs I checked out before going to the show was, ‘Sometimes’. Just like the You Tube video, the song is catchy, upbeat and gets the listener in the mood to just want to fall in love with the band. I can’t speak for anyone else, but that was certainly how I felt anyway.

 Every song I heard Andy and the guys perform was unique, different and full of character. I think in a way this helped me make my mind up and see that there is something about Sound of Gun’s which makes them that extra bit special.

 After this brilliant night, I did not want the dream to end, which is why it made me smile even more that the fun does not stop at the gigs, but also in their latest album Angels & Enemies.

 If this band ever come back to the North East – I only hope they return extremely soon.

 Sound of Guns – CHECK THEM OUT NOW!!!


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