Big Groove Records

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Fuck Me This Is Good Stuff!!!

Big Groove Records

 By Dee

  This week has been an absolute gold mine for different genres of music. I was recently contacted by Ekow via email who told me about the label Big Groove Records and two of their artists, EKA and Indiscretion. As both these acts were totally new to me, I was uncertain what to expect when I went to investigate their music.

 Going to the official Big Groove Records Website – I came across two music videos which straight away made my eyes light up. The two videos were, “Something More’ by EKA and ‘Jus the Groove’ by Indiscretion.

 The one which made me hyper the most was EKA’s video. Based around a female football match between ladies wearingBraziland England T shirts, in the nice hot sun shine, watching this video just makes you feel good.

 Background to this song describes it as:

  “Big diva vocals over a classic funky house back ground, with its anthemic chorus.”

  From reading this I was not sure whether or not I would like it, but damn how wrong I was. You could feel the energy and the character that Something More had to offer. It was definitely that stays inside your head to the point where you can just see yourself humming the tune away. If people stop and stare at you – let them, because this song and video is so insane and fabulous to resist the urge to keep the beat alive in your head would be a total sin.

 What Indiscretion offer in their video, ‘Jus the Groove’ is a complete contrast.  The video for this was created by the help of a Canadian Film Director, Jordan Kotras – and is by far an exceptional and brilliant video. A smooth little number, which mixes together catchy beats, style and elegance and a bit of jazz – you can really feel the music getting into your mind.

 If you watch the video as I did, it brings a smile to your face to see how Kotras ensured this video showed some of our country’s finest landmarks. Not only this is complemented when you see a mysterious yet beautiful lady named Rebecca playing her Saxaphone. You can just see that she is feeling the music and enjoying it too.

 I am completely happy that Ekow decided to tell me about these two artists, because not only am I excited about what I heard and saw, but I eagerly await to see what else Big Groove Records has to offer.

 For more information check out:

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