Suus: Rap with a North East Edge

Posted: March 23, 2012 in New Music

Article by Dee


At last someone in the local music scene is thinking outside the box. The name of this brave, but also talented individual is 17 year old Max Simpson, a.k.a Suus from Newcastle. Suus in my opinion anyway, is the north east’s up and coming rappers. Thanks to Abby, a member of my street team I was able to discover the amazing music and talent that Suus was creating.


There were three main songs by this amazing guy, that had me hooked in an instant. Firstly, ‘Sink or Swim’ is full of attitude and yes it is rap but its rapping with a north east twist. By this I mean Suus’ lyrics relate to our region. The lyrics don’t just stop their, because if you listen carefully the song gives you an insight into the world through Max’ eyes. His experiences, the obstacles he has had to face its more that music its, a story!


‘Donald Trump (Bill Gates)’ was the second song which I was able to check out. The beats are catchy upbeat, and in a way rather bouncy. Never did I think it was possible for an artist to drop names like Alan Shearer into a song, but my god Suus does it impeccably well. Listening to this track just makes you smile.


There is a political angle to Suus’ material as well, which is good to see. How many times have we had a view point but we find it hard to express our opinions due to older people disregarding them. Through Suus’ music however he is not only standing up for what he believes in, but using music as an excellent way to express himself.


If you want a song with plenty of attitude which also makes you want to bop along too, I definitely recommend, ‘I Will Win’. Creative lyrics, which you can tell he has put an awful lot of thought into.


From listening to these three songs, and I must admit Rap is not usually something I tend to listen to, the genre was irrelevant because I was listening to an artist who was not only special, but a fine example of how talented the youth in the north east music scene can be.


For more information on Suus check out the following:


Twitter: @SuusUpNorth


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