Comeback Kid – ‘Do Yourself A Favour’ Review

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Fuck Me This Is Good Stuff!!!

Review By Dee

 A few years ago, when I was helping my friend’s out at Victory Records in theUK, I heard about this fecking awesome band called Comeback Kid. Despite only being able to only see them perform live once, that did not stop me from falling in love with their music. The number of hours I spent listening to their album Broadcasting was an absolute joy.

 Anyway, doing a bit of research I found out that the band are due to headline this years’ Ghostfest which takes place in June. I will obviously be going along to watch them, but to get me in the mood, I asked my good friends over at Victory Records USA, what Comeback Kid had been upto these days.

 When Jessica wrote back I went absolutely hyper to hear that the band had recently created a new video titled, ‘Do Yourself A Favour’. As soon as I hit play, I could not take my eyes off what I can only explain as a downright awesome video and song!

 The video shows the band at its best – performing to their fans. Not only do the members of the band have such intense passion and energy in their performance, but their music is that fantastic and soul consuming, that creating a mosh pit is an absolute must.

 In regards to the music itself, like the band themselves, the beats are strong, energetic and blow your mind to the point that you almost feel that you are part of that crowd in the music video that Comeback Kid are performing to.

 The catchy beats, just put the song in a whole new level of its own when put together with the insane and brilliant vocals of front man Andrew Neufeld

 When the band come to the UK in the summer, I have a feeling that it is going to be something remarkable and an experience not worth missing.

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