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Posted: April 5, 2012 in Down Right Awsome

Last Witness Interview

Questions by Dee

Answers by Anthony Sykes (Guitar)

On Friday the 30th March 2012, I decided to drop Anthony from Last Witness a call. With the band being busy when they came to Newcastle to tour with Devil Wears Prada in February, it felt right that we just had an informal interview and chat, without the worry of having to rush or anything.

 Below you will see the questions Anthony quite kindly answered for me, and I must say before I start it was totally fantastic to speak to such an amazing guy who was so passionate and proud of the achievements Last Witness had made.

 Dee: How did Last Witness Form?

 Anthony explains that the band first formed in 2006, when the guys were 17 years old. They had a passion and interest in similar tastes of music which brought them closer together. From the way Anthony was retelling the early days, you could just tell that the chemistry between all the members was instant, which is what makes them such a tight unit.

 Dee: What is it about your music that gives it the edge?

 Answer: In his opinion he believed that this was down to the fact that he saw Last Witness as being unique, due to their different sound. There are very few artists in theUKwho focus on the genre that the LW guy’s focus on.

 Dee: You recently toured with The Devil Wears Prada. How important was that tour for the band?

 Answer: It was important to everyone in the band, because not only was it a chance to play along the likes of such a great band, but also allowed Last Witness to be exposed to a new crowd. The outcome of this was overwhelming, because not only did they get a good reaction from the crowd’s in places such as Newcastle, it was good for the band to see how instantly people were connecting to the music.

 Dee: What has been the highlight of the year so far?

 Answer: Having a careful think about this question, Anthony felt the release of their latest album, Mourning After was their biggest achievement and highlight of 2012. Although a lot of work had gone into the album, which was sometimes quite demanding, nevertheless it was a small price to pay for an end product that was totally worth while. I think if you consider Anthony’s question he highlights a very important point. The key to releasing a good strong record takes a lot of thought, passion and commitment.

 Dee: I know Last Witness have so many amazing songs – but what is your personal favourite?

 Answer: Without having to think about it too much, Anthony was quick to name ‘Green Eyes’ as one of his top songs to perform. I asked him why just out of curiosity. He told me the beauty of this song was that not only was it fast and full of energy but also fun.

 Dee: How did life change for you once you became a part of Last Witness?

 Answer: I was quite intrigued when I heard this answer, as it was not something I had heard many artists’ mention before. Although time consuming again, Anthony found that there was a lot of organisation which was required. Sometimes as listeners we forget about this, but Last Witness show us when a good structure is in place the end result is something to be proud of.

 Dee: Who are your greatest influences?

 Anthony: ‘On Broken Wings’

 Dee: What is it about Last Witness you enjoy the most?

 Answer: There were two reasons Anthony provided. Firstly he was happy to say it was good to team up with the other amazing members of the band, creating music that they all enjoyed. His second reason, was merchandise. A lot of Anthony’s time at show once off stage is dedicated to selling the band’s merch, so its always a pleasure when people are buying their material and taking the opportunity to find out more about Last Witness.

 Dee: In terms of the band’s progress where do you see yourselves at the moment?

 Answer: For Anthony and the rest of the Last Witness guys, it feels that the band have started again, and they have used the fresh chance as an opportunity to be a strong and well determined British band. From hearing their music myself – I would totally agree with that statement.

Dee: What is next for Last Witness?

 Answer: Lots of tours and festivals

 Its been a long time since I last did a phone interview, but I was glad I was able to speak to Anthony because just listening to his story made you realise how despite the challenges artists face, the right attitude is important to helping you to achieve your goal.

To show your support for Last Witness or to find out more about them you can find them on Facebook by clicking here!


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