Taproot – ‘The Episodes’

Posted: April 7, 2012 in New Music



Review ByDee

Victory Record’s fantastic band, Taproot is due to release their latest album, ‘The Episodes’ on 10th April 2012. Having had a sneaky listen I was absolutely hyper with what I was hearing. I have not really followed Taproot’s material much, but from listening to this album I will make sure I don’t make that mistake again.

The album starts with a very stylish and powerful track, ‘No Surrender’. It is quite a good starting song because it draws you into the mind of Taproot. When I heard the track I almost could see how those into the likes of Three Days Grace would appreciate this band. Ok it may not be a fast track to an album, but it nevertheless still got me bopping away and swaying from side to side as I listened.

‘Lost Boy’ is a totally strange yet fascinating track, due to the fact that its like your favourite type of cocktail. So many things going on, from the stunning vocals, different paces and the creativity behind it. You can really tell in this song that Taproot have no fears about trying new things and experimenting, thus giving them a unique and exceptional sound.

The track which made this album absolutely perfect for me, was ‘A Kiss From The Sky’. Its just so soulful, that when you listen to it makes you really connect with the lyrics. Yes there is nothing wrong with screamo, but Taproot are a great example of how lyrics and not the amount you scream your lungs out, can also make music come alive.

Taproot’s fantastic album ends with the track, ‘We Don’t Belong Here’. I quite like it due to its dark but moving lyrics and beats that which not only get inside your soul, but also your mind.

‘The Episodes’ is released 10th April 2012 – so if you want to be part of a experience where both lyrics and music come alive then this album is a definite must!


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