Good Morning ‘Pilot Touhill’

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Anger Management

Review By Dee

Your in the mood to check out some music to put you in a good mood, but you don’t want something different and fresh than your usual de-stressing artist. What do you do in a predicament such as this?! Well your good friends at Darkus Magazine have a solution – listen and watch Pilot Touhill’s video of his song, ‘Good Morning’ on You Tube.

 The video is based around waking up every morning and not being bombarded with negative thoughts. If you think about that, if you let your thoughts and upset get the better of you, then that’s your mood pretty much ruined. HOWEVER if you wake up with a ‘I love life’ attitude as is portrayed in this song, then your day will be that extra bit bearable and special.

 In terms of the song itself, you will be able to pick up the traces of reggae with a modern and funky twist that make ‘Good Morning’ that even more amazing. Before I watched this video, I was feeling pretty rubbish myself, but the more and more I replayed it, the more upbeat I felt about myself.

 If you want a music video which really lifts your spirits and makes you a bit more smiley then check it out here.


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