Sex Slaves: F*ck Me! I am Hooked!

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Anger Management

 Review By Dee

 Chris at Anger Management over in the USA are the amazing management team behind my good friends Hey Sugar. Therefore being the curious fella I am,  I asked Chris if the magazine to work with any of his other artists, and my god my breath was totally taken away when he told me about Sex Slaves.

 Before your imagination gets the better of you, know this is not your beloved Darkus turning to a life of erotica. No in fact Sex Slaves is a utterly intense, no messing around rock and roll band fromNew York. Listening to their music for the first time should be treated with extreme caution, because this band and their music is only recommended for people who want to see how real music should sound.

 If you visit their Facebook page, you will be able to hear some of their amazing simply by clicking here. There are two songs in particular which you should immediately check out.

 Firstly, “Thank God For Jack Daniels’. Not only is this a brilliant title for a song, but the catchyness and vibe of this track is incredible that I could see myself getting into the party mood with this. I mean just hearing lyrics such as “The Only thing that is so much better than Jack Daniels, Is Drinking My Jack Daniels for free’ should be applauded. In my opinion to base a song around an everyday thing many of us enjoy is just sheer genius. Listen to this drink, and I promise you, you will never be able to think of a bottle of Jack in the same way again.EnglandhasBritain’s Got Talent’s “Where’s My Keys, Where’s My Phone Song” – but ‘Thank God For Jack Daniels’ is makes that look like small potatoes.

 The second song I recommend you check out is ‘Cheap Imitation. The track has so much raw energy that its hard not to sing along. We have been involved in some kind of relationship problems, but rather than go straight for the comfort eating andSavageGardenalbum you should go straight to this band. Why? Well because it’s a song that tells you how it is, and says what is on your mind. Lyrics with attitude and beats that make you smile whatever the situation – now that’s what music really should be about.

 Sex Slaves are waiting for your listening pleasure so support their music right now!!!


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