Stop, Drop, Rock Tour – Newcastle Riverside: 9th April 2012

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Fuck Me This Is Good Stuff!!!

Review by Dee

While the majority of the city was either into the football or at the Rocksound Tour show at the Academy, myself and some of the street team were at theRiversidewatching some amazing new talent.

 Today was the start of the Stop, Drop, Rock Tour! The idea of the tour is rather unique and interesting. There are four major bands taking part on this tour – The Famous Class, The City Calls, Taking Hayley and My Extraordinary. The headline act is based on whoever of this lineup plays in their own city. That is a really nifty thing to do as it shows that all the bands on this tour are equals and in it together.

 Back to the show itself then. Before any of these band’s took to the stage, we were given the opportunity to hear some music from other new bands in the north east area. One group in particular that caught my attention was Dear Veronica. These guys are a relatively new band, with this show being the second time they have played. I spoke to the guys briefly before their set, and you could tell even though they were nervous they were also excited as well. New member Jake Richardson, who joined the band last week, only had 3 days to practise the songs. Jake was brought in to replace ex member Chris Tate with the screamo vocals.

 Ok the performance was not absolutely perfect – but who gives a damn! Dear Veronica were playing to a new crowd, and the fact that they had the courage to go up on stage to give a set full of energy and passion made me enjoy the whole experience of watching Dear Veronica. There is no doubt that the more and more they play the more exceptional they will become.

 After these guys came UK Hollywood. Based inWales, home of great things like Dragons, Tom Jones and my one of my favourite artists, Kids in Glass Houses – it was great to see what these guys had to offer to the tour. The whole set was energetic, passionate and upbeat. It was almost as though they were trying to get the audience prepared for the amazing acts to follow, yet make people think to themselves “UK Hollywood are pretty good”. I mentioned KIGH before, and you can really imagine this band as a younger version of Kids in Glass Houses. There is no doubt that the way they are performing why they cant give legends such as them a run for their money!

 With all the adrenaline and  hyperness in the room, I was just about ready to check out the 4 main bands on this tour.

 The Famous Class

 From London, these guys really were fantastic. I loved the way how they interacted with the crowd, and were a really down to earth set of lads who enjoyed creating great music. The beats were catchy and the songs made you want to partayyy with them. I may not of known any of their songs, but I was nevertheless having an amazing time.

 The City Calls

 Woah! Where do I start with these guys! Their set was by far brilliant and fun to witness. You could see the confidence and the enthusiasm in every member of the band as they were playing. Not only this like many in the room, my eyes were locked on them as they gave a ever so captivating performance.

 Taking Hayley

 Each time a new band came on stage they all brought their own style to the night which was good. Taking Hayley created a environment where people were singing along and appreciating the brilliant beats, vocals and lyrics that Taking Hayley were bringing.

 My Extraordinary

 Now this was the performance I had been waiting for, as soon as I heard that My Ex were going to be playing inNewcastleagain. I have said in previous work that speaking to the guys from time to time, it had been an extremely long time since I had seen Anthony, Martin, Dewey and Joe perform. The last time I did see them, probably two or three years ago, they were still unsigned and finding their feet.

 From the very moment they took to the stage you could see that they were here to show the crowd and the other bands on this tour how fantastic artists from the North East really are! I was extremely speechless throughout the whole of their performance as from start to finish Ant and the lads were creating fantastic music that only a fool would be stupid to miss. Forget Your Demise at the Academy – the real fun was at theRiverside!

 I did interview them not so long ago when I met up with them in Costa’s in Newcastle – and even then to hear the direction they were going as a band and the things they had achieved made me love them even more. Therefore to actually see them perform put everything together nicely. From that performance others can learn from it, because they are proof that yes life as a local band can be tricky – but by not giving up you can achieve brilliant things!



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