Phon.o – Black Boulder

Posted: April 12, 2012 in EPM

By Dee

 The legends known as EPM have announced that next month on the 27th May 2012, one of the fascinating and brilliant artists they work with, by the name of Phon.o is due to release his album Black Boulder.

 Many describe this talented guy’s music as a mix between UK-Funky and Dubstep with a twist of Berlin Dub-Techno. It’s the first time I have ever heard of anyone doing something such as this. As you all know when it comes to new music there is nothing I love more than people creating new trends, experimenting with music and taking the risk to do something different.

 The thing about the Black Boulder album is that it is not your normal orthodox album. Each track brings its own identity and character to the album. Phon.o certainly shows as an artist he is not only very talented, but diverse and gifted too.  

 This sensational piece of work starts off with the track ‘Nightshifts’. It has a slow and steady pace yet also a catchy rhythm which stays inside your mind. Do not mistake this album for dance music, as what Phon.o is doing here is something complete different and for people who understand that music should be fresh and special.

 ‘Black Boulder’ a track from the album again is something totally different. If you want a tune that helps you to relax and get you in the mood where you just want to feel good, then I totally recommend this song. I spoke about this in other articles, and I will reiitterate again. When you know you can listen to a piece of music that suits any situation and mood, whether it be to cheer you up or to calm you down – its important you find the perfect one. Therefore ‘Black Boulder’ would be an ideal tune for me.

 Saying this however there is another tune on this track, which also has the same effect on me, and really makes me feel hyper and happy due to its upbeat nature and the fantastic vibe it creates. ‘Mosquitoes’ really is something extra special. I can imagine myself sitting on a bus, walking down the street or doing my daily physio while listening to this. I am just impressed and amazed with this song – my mind is dancing away non stop just thinking about Phon.o and this album.

 The most important track on any album is the final song, as its this which not only acts as a summary of what the listener has witnessed, but it also acts as an opportunity for the artist to bring you deeper into their world. By doing so it gets you thinking to yourself, “wow I want to hear more!”. This album ends with the track ‘12th’. Extraordinary beats, a stylish song with pleasant surprises and twists – it really does make the album perfect and worthwhile.

 Black Boulder is released through the label 50 Weapons and is by far one of the  greatest pieces of musical genius I have ever had the pleasure of listening too.


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