Los Campesinos Gig Review: March 29th 2012

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Street Team Reviews

Los Campesinos Gig Review

Article By Peter Carr

 Venue: O2 Academy Newcastle

I will warn everyone now that this review may be biased as this band have been my favourite act for 6 years and this was the first time I saw them live.

Arriving at the 02 I was already on the ceiling with excitement, chattering to friends and trying to catch a glimpse backstage. I finally got a great standing place and had a beer in hand to calm myself down, as the lights dimmed and the chattering stopped the support band Tall Ships took to the stage.

From the off these cheeky indie chaps fitted right in with the Los Camp crowd, playing melodic and enchanting songs with a zeal that got the crowd jumping with a vigour not many support bands get. After what seemed like 5 minutes the set was over, I was left wanting more so I made sure I mentally recorded the bands name and set that aside as the next part of the night was about to begin.

As I have already stated I am a huge Los Camp fan and as soon as they took to the stage my smile went from normal to 5 miles wide. I would like to say I remember the set but I was so in awe of everything that I forgot to make any notes. Each song was greeted with frenzy, applause and each word sang back at the band drawing many a smile from each member.

The biggest cheer of the night happened when they played the song ‘You! Me! Dancing!’ I expected this yet did not expect the band to rip into it with such reckless abandon, most bands play their greatest hit with a slight drop in energy, like it has became tedious, not Los Camp, always giving the crowd what they want.

All in all this was the best gig I have ever seen, and that is a bold statement for someone who sees a gig or two a week, maybe its the years of waiting but I think its because this band have affected my life in ways that no other has before.

After the gig I was lucky enough to meet the entire band, get some pictures and autographs, meeting Gareth was everything I hoped it would be. He was funny, charming and as nice a person you would ever wish to meet, he took time to speak to me and even took a picture of my Los Camp tattoo (hopefully he’ll tweet it at some point). Will I be seeing this band again? Do I even need to answer that!



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