A Typical Day In Band Practice

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Street Team Reviews

A Typical Day at Band Practice

By Ryan Howe

I’m Ryan Howe and I’m in a band called Dear Veronica and I love it, everyone in the band are too kind to each other, we always talk, we have the same sense of humour and we meet up to have a general day not just always about the band, I didn’t know 3 of the members before I joined the band but now they’re all my best mates and our age group is from 14-20 years old!

The band members are:

Jake Richardson – Screamer

Ben Davis- Vocalist

Liam Stuart Dickson- Guitar

Daniel James Cliff- Guitar

Ryan Howe (Me)- Bass

Jeffrey Baker- Drums

Every day we go on Facebook or text and organise what time people can make a band practice, write songs, talk about gigs, talk about other bands, ticket sales and arrange when to meet up to go somewhere like the beach or town.

Anyway on the day of practice I get all off my guitar, leads, pedals, money, paper and pen packed then head off to where we practice (Sound Inc in Blaydon) our practice is normally for 2 hours and there’s usually always someone late to get to band practice so when everyone is set up and waiting for the other person the smokers go out for a tab… once everyone is there and set up we pick a song to warm up and to get used of playing together again, then we go through all our songs over and over again and change them if we need/ want to, then we talk about any gigs and about general things, we do have a disagreement every so often about whether to change a song or cover a certain song so it isn’t always great, there can be proper horrible parts, but the majority of the time it’s so much fun!

I’d advise anyone to get a band as you make contacts with other bands, make new friends and play gigs together and there is nothing better than creating amazing music!

As a band we are all looking forward to the future and are looking forward to releasing our EP which we try to sort out at band practice, during playing songs we usually mess around and have a laugh and I just love it so much!

  1. Scott says:

    Aw, this is cute. Hahaahah

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