Bury Tomorrow

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Street Team Reviews

Review  By Ryan Howe

 Bury Tomorrow are a Metal core 5 piece band from Hampshire in England, they have been together since 2006 and have got very far in the past 6 years! The members of the band are:

Dani Winter-Bates: Vocalist

Mehdi Vismara –: Guitarist

Jason Cameron: Guitarist and Singer

Davyd Winter-Bates: Bassist

Adam Jackson- Drummer

The band formed in 2006 with members from both Portsmouthand Southampton with bassist Davyd and Daniel both being brothers. Shortly after their formation they released a debut extended play ‘The Sleep of the Innocents’

In October 2009 ‘Portraits’ (their debut album) was released through Basick Records!

My favorite songs by Bury Tomorrow are:

You & I



Royal Blood

On the 8th of September Bury Tomorrow released the first single out of their second album called ‘Lionheart’ (personally my favorite song of them all) then on September 13th they created the music video!A couple of days before Bury Tomorrows headline tour (tour started on 8th December) they released a music video directed by Thomas Welsh for their song ‘Royal Blood’ on the 6th December!

The You and I music video was recorded at Southampton Solent University and featured Bury Tomorrow performing to around 200 fans, the video was shot over the a space of of two days, with the second day focusing on the band performing. ‘You and I’ was broadcast on MTV2 in the United States, Scuzz in the United Kingdom and on Much Music in Canada which is a great achievement since being together in 2006! ‘Portraits’ was released in Japan and the United States through Artery Records on March 2010!

Of Mice and Men and Bury Tomorrow are 2 of my favorite bands and are playing up in Newcastle on April 26th unless rescheduled in the O2 Academy which is to look forward to!

They’re also playing Hit the Deck in April, Greenfield Festival on 17th June and Ghostfest in Leeds on 30th June.

Studio Albums

Portraits (Basick Records, 2009)

The Union Of Crowns (April 2012)


The Sleep of the Innocents (Self Released, 2007)

On Waxed Wings (Artery Recordings, 2010)

Music Videos

Casting Shapes (2007)

Her Bones In the Sand (2008)

You And I (2008)

Lionheart (2011)

Royal Blood (2011)

I have only ever been to one of Bury Tomorrows gigs and I really enjoyed it, they were so good live but at the time I only knew 2 of their songs! So I would definitely listen to them as they have many fans no matter where you go! I’m really looking forward to seeing them live again and hopefully I’ll get to meet them this time!

They have a website which is www.burytomorrow.co.uk and they have many videos on youtube!

 Thanks for reading, By Ryan Howe- Darkus Magazine.


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