The Life of A Photographer: The Marnie Elizabeth Coulson Story

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Down Right Awsome


I often speak about people having talent, skill and passion. Eventhough I may predominantly focus on music to illustrate the point, there are nevertheless still other avenues where determination and enthusiasm are just as important. For Darkus I always bump into new people, including Photographers. So when I heard about the work this amazing young lady called Marnie-Elizabeth Coulson does, I just had to find out more about her.

 You can see some of her brilliant photography work on facebook by clicking here.

 Questions By Dee

 Answers By Marnie

  Dee: When did you decide you wanted to pursue photography as a passion?

 Marnie: Photography wasn’t my first passion, some say there passion started when they got there first camera. For me it was different, I had always been a creative and artistic but my first passion was for singing and acting, I joined local theatre groups and did a few shows at local theatres, this was where myself and my family believed my life was going. I recognised me passion for photography when I was about 15, I used to spend my weekends taking photographs of my friends, walking and climbing until i felt the images had a great location and composition. I was not fortunate enough to have a decent camera all I had was an old samsung camera phone but none the less the images i was taking were coming out well and thats when I realised I thoroughly enjoyed taking photographs. 

 My parents split up when I was a teenager, this caused me to have a bit of an attitude, I got in with the wrong crowd and fell pregnant when I was 17. My pregnancy was the making of me, I got my life back on track, I gave birth to my beautiful little boy and I went to college. Having my son definitely developed my interest in photography, he must be one of the most photographed children this is when I decided to go to college and develop my interest even further. 

Dee: What is it about taking photos that makes your adrenaline rush?

 Marnie: I love everything about photography, I enjoy the planning that goes into a shoot, the organising of models, makeup artists and styling etc. I obviously greatly enjoy taking the photos, and I enjoy the editing time i put into my photos afterwards. I think my favourite part of it is always the final piece, I get a lot of feedback and to see my images appreciated and admired is what makes it worth while for me. Its amazing how much a photograph can mean to somebody and to hear their positive thoughts afterwards is just amazing. 

 Dee: Think back to the very first pictures you took – what were they? and how did you feel afterwards?

Marnie: The very first images I took using a Digital SLR Camera were taken for my college course, I had been set a High Key Brief. This was the first time I had used a studio and any studio equipment, I was very nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t have any model contacts at this point so I had a friend come into the studio with a few outfits. I took loads of shots and at the time I thought they were excellent, I was so proud of them plus I got really good marks for them. Looking back over them they really weren’t all the great, the lighting wasn’t very even and there were loads of ways in which i could of improved the composition or posing of the model, Still not bad for a first attempt. 

 Dee:  You cover a wide assortment of photoshoots – which catergory brings you the greatest pleasure?

Marnie: The photos that give me the most pleasure would have to be Weddings and portraits. Although this isn’t my favourite area of photography I believe these images are greatly appreciated and whats more exciting than handing over the photographic memories of a day as special as a wedding or the photos of a family or child. I think these are definitely the most treasured images and its a lovely feeling to be welcomed into somebody’s family to become a part in creating the images. 

 Dee:  If someone was to take a photo of you – what would be your ideal setting?

Marnie: Like most photographers I hate getting my photo taken, However for me it would probably have to be somewhere along the coast. I have been brought up around the coast and couldn’t imagine not being near it. Its such a wonderfully beautiful place.

 Dee:  How has Facebook helped to boost your business?


Facebook has been a great help to me, Communication is a key thing in any business and it makes it so much easier as so many people use it on a daily basis. My work gets shared and more people get to view it that way. I am a member to a few groups on Facebook, networking groups for models, photographers and makeup artists which make it easy to find the perfect team. 

  Dee: Obviously there is more to photography than taking pictures…..when it comes to the task of editing what helps you to decide if a shot is worth keeping?

Marnie: For me the key things to a photograph are lighting, Composition and pose. Get this right on the camera then the photographers life is much easier. There are so many different styles  so know what look you are trying to create before hand. 

 Dee: Where in the north east would you say is a stunning location for taking pictures?

Marnie: Stunning locations in the North East in my eyes would be places such as Jesmond Dene, Anywhere along the coast, (I adore Tynemouth as it has so much photographic potential) It really depends on what sort of look, theme you are going for but Castles, Hotels, Anywhere with Nice gardens make great photographs.

 Dee: What kinds of strategies and goals did you set up to take your passion of photography forward?

Marnie: For me personally to get into fashion and beauty photography is my ultimate career goal. I have completed a National Diploma in Photography at triple Distinction Level and am Currently completing a Foundation Degree in Commercial photographic Practise. I then wish to set up my own studio and assist other photographers that are already doing the job I dream to do, Get experience from them then progress on to do it myself. Hopefully my love and passion for photography shows through my work and my personality. 



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