The City Calls Interview: April 2012

Posted: April 28, 2012 in New Music

Earlier this month the Stop, Drop, Rock Tour came to Newcastle. One of the artists performing were The City Calls. Having watched such a fantastic set from the guys, sadly I was unable to speak to them at the event, so thanks to the power of electronic mail we overcome this petty little obstacle and took part in an online interview. Special thanks goes out to The City Calls for taking time out of their busy schedules to speak to Darkus Magazine.

 Questions By Dee

 Answers by The City Calls

 Dee: Your tour started in Newcastle on Monday 9th April – how has it gone so far?

The City Calls: The tour held host to some of our most enjoyable shows to date. We had a brilliant time playing to cities we haven’t hit in a while and Newcastle was a new place for us so it was great to meet some new people. Every night had it’s own special part of the tour and it was great to see so many people enjoying us play!

Dee: What is it about The City Calls that you enjoy the most?

The City Calls: Playing shows. I think it’s the payoff from the hard work that you put into writing, recording, driving to shows & practising. I mean, those are all enjoyable parts of being in a band but the live show is where you get to showcase all that effort and the fans get to show us what they think about everything we’ve done.

Dee:  How did the band first come together and start?

The City Calls: Me (Lucas) and Scotty met back in late 2008 and we got on really well from the get-go. We eventually started talking of starting a band through a few practices with the other guys we just knew that this was it and we got ourselves a name and started playing shows.

Dee: Do you remember what it was like going on stage for the very first time you performed together? what was it like?

The City Calls: It was exciting. We were playing these songs that no one had heard but us and we obviously didn’t have a massive following of people for the band so it was exciting to go out on stage and show people this brand new music. It was incredibly nerve-racking too but that all goes away as soon as you start playing and we just enjoyed ourselves.

Dee: How important is this tour for you?

The City Calls: The tour was very important, as are every other tour and gigs we play. This one had significance in the fact it was the last 4 shows for some of the guys. We are about to embark on a bigger and busier schedule and so some of the guys respectfully stepped back to let The City Calls grow. So, it was emotional but through all the honesty from the guys letting me and Scotty know that this would be their last tour we went out and played some of our best ever sets. The fans were incredible throughout the tour so it has hopefully left a special memory for those guys and for The City Calls it has left the foundations for our next chapter. It’s going to be a good one, that’s for sure.

Dee: What do you think fans coming to the shows on this tour can learn about The City Calls and their music?

The City Calls: We put a lot of energy into our live show and we are a bunch of down to earth guys that are having fun on stage. I’d like to think that comes across when we play and people learn that is what The City Calls are about.

Dee: When you were told that you would be taking part with the other bands such as My ExtraOrdinary, The Famous Class and Taking Hayley – what was your first reaction?

The City Calls: When we were asked to be on the tour with those bands we were stoked. We had played a show with The Famous Class guys a year or so ago so we were looking forward to going on tour with them. It was a brilliant line-up and the bands killed it every night. It made for some memorable shows.

Dee: Are there any particular things you are determined to achieve over the next few months?

The City Calls: We are going to achieve excitement, rejuvenation and to get back out on the road. I can’t say much because it will ruin the surprise but it’s all going to kick off, in a good way.

Dee: At what point in your journey as a band, would you say you started to be impressed by the progress you were making?

The City Calls: From day one. We go into a practice room, a studio or walk onto a stage and we want to do ourselves proud. We don’t want to be lazy about any aspect of being in a band because we’d be letting ourselves down and we’d be letting the fans down. With confidence in what we’re doing I want to impress the fans and anyone new hearing of our band. Through any good and bad times we eventually make awesome progress and it’s always exciting to see the next step for the band just waiting on the horizon.

Dee: Which has been the most fun song to create and perform?

The City Calls: Our latest record ‘A Spark To Ignite’ was the most fun to make. Every song has it’s own little story and we had a lot more time to work on the record so we just had a lot of fun working on the songs. When we perform our singles, we get a sweet crowd reaction so that’s always a reason to pick them to be the most fun.

Dee: Have there been any particular barriers which you have had to overcome to get to where you are today?

The City Calls: When I (Lucas) struggled with severe vocal strain I took it pretty badly and it affected us all a lot.  But the band are my best friends and they helped me through it and months down the line we recorded ‘A Spark To Ignite’ which, we are extremely proud of. Through that you realise how precious some things can be and for it happening then I now take my voice and health a lot more seriously now. Of course, right now we’re going through a big change and at first, it felt like a huge barrier. But we’ve overcome it and are ready to take on the next chapter for The City Calls. It was incredibly daunting at the time but we work hard and eventually come up swinging.

Dee: In terms of progress where do you currently see yourselves?

The City Calls: We wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises so I’ll just say we see ourselves getting ready to have some of the best times we’ve ever had with The City Calls.

Dee: Other than your own home city, what other city are you looking forward to the most?

The City Calls: We were stunned by every city. We saw some familiar faces and even new faces singing along to our songs so if anything, we look forward to getting back and playing for them again!

Dee: You were preparing for this tour, take us through your regular routine that you put in place to get yourselves ready?

The City Calls: We rehearse right up until tour and get into ‘tour shape’ so we don’t end up passing out onstage, we pack as little clothes as possible, clean the sweat and tears off the gear from the previous tour and then hit the road.

Dee: With the idea of a rotating headline tour this gives the impression that all bands involved have shared values and are equal. Do you agree?

The City Calls: Definitely, we got see all the bands kill it in their hometown so the crowds were insane. We hope to play with those guys again sometime down the line.

Dee: Is there any particular member of the band that takes charge – or would you say you all share the responsibilities?

The City Calls: We pretty much look after ourselves and at the core of the band we are a bunch of friends so we watch over each other and make sure what we do is done well.

Complete this sentance. The City Calls are worth checking out because……..

The City Calls: we love playing shows, having an awesome time and playing our music to as many people as possible.


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