Festival Season: Wahoooo Bring It On!

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Down Right Awsome

Article By Dee

I woke up this morning, with the sun shining through my window, and realised that in a number of weeks, festival season will soon be here in full force. Other than the odd event here and there, I have not really been a fan of festivals ….. either due to the price of tickets or being too busy. However as Festivals are an ideal opportunity to not only see fantastic artists but also to have a good time, I thought before I get any older that its time I check out a few this summer, especially as they really make the UK music scene that extra bit special.

 I could talk about the whole list of events that I want to go to – but I wont. Instead I will take you through some of the festivals I will be going to which I am really excited about.

 26th May 2012 – Slam Dunk Festival


Every year that I know of, this event has run at the same time as the North East’s Evolution festival – so I always find myself in a predicament as to what to do, as I love both. I keep telling myself that I will try and get along to Slam Dunk the next year – but it usually does not work out this way. This year with the two events being on different weekends, I have no excuse!

 Having bought my ticket for Slam Dunk – it was not until I saw the lineup that the excitement really kicked in. I think I must of screamed like a hyper person – but who cares! Some of the greatest artists who shaped my love of music will be performing, and it will be the first time I would of seen any of them live. Taking Back Sunday will definitely be a band that will make me relive my University days. When they were still part of Victory Records, I was introduced to this amazing band back in 2004. I remember when the music video to ‘Your So Last Summer’ was shown on satellite channels that I just stopped in the middle of my sitting room, and stood and watched in amazement because I was instantly hooked. Having finally got my hands on the fecking insane album ‘Tell All Your Friends’ I had many many many hours of joy as a danced with adrenaline to an album which always put me in a good mood after a stressful day.

 MotionCitySoundtrack are another legendary artist who have always been a personal favourite of mine. Not many people are aware of their music which is a shame, but the good thing is that they are coming to theUKwhich can only be a good thing as it will definitely make people realise just how fantastic they are.

 Based atLeedsUniversity, the organizers have done then absolute best to bring the crowds a mixture of well balanced music, featuring a mixture of new artists and those who have been around for a while, yet still have the ability to create an explosive performance. With this kind of variety on offer from an audience point of view can only be considered a good thing, because you have your favourite tunes, but also the opportunity to check out new music.

 Evolution Festival – 3rd & 4th June


Probably one of the biggest and enjoyable events in our region, Evolution is due to take place during the Diamond Jubilee weekend. This is no ordinary festival – its one that I totally respect because it acts for a great platform to see not only British acts such as Dizzee Rascal,MaximoParkand Rizzle Kicks, but also new local talent as well. What I like even more about Evolution is that it combines a mixture of genres which means anyone can have a good time at this event.

 I went two years ago for the first time when Enter Shikari were headlining and I totally loved the whole atmosphere. Starting at midday and going on into the night this was just an excuse to go wild and as cliché as it sounds, let the music consume your soul. This was back in 2010, so I cannot wait to see how even more insane Evolution Festival will be this year! One thing I can be certain of though it will definitely be one I will remember for an extremely long time!

 I would encourage any of you reading to go along to this event – from a weekend ticket costing £35 it is the best ever investment you ever make. Plus for those who start there summer vacation from college or Uni till September it’s a great opportunity to celebrate in style.


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