Sarah and Joni Love Playing With Fire!

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Randomness

Article By Dee

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 When I was out an about I met two amazing people, who had one thing in common – not only were they colleagues but they also loved to play with fire.

 Your probably reading this thinking to yourself “what the hell isDee on”….dont panic there is logic in my madness ha!

 The name of these two great people were Sarah Henderson and Joni George, from Lush Entertainment based here in the North East. Like them I am fascinated by fire – so I needed to find out more about their work.

 So what is their story?

 Sarah Henderson

 Sarah has only been with Lush for 5 months, but absolutely enjoys her job. What is fascinating to know is that she didn’t attend any specific courses to get into fire eating and spinning fire – but over a 6 to 7 year period she self taught herself.

 She explained to me that she first started out by doing dancing, and then from their developed onto other skills. Joni interrupts at this point to say when it comes to spinning fire – Sarah is good with her wrists! Ha what a cheeky chappy! I will come to him later on. Anyway at the moment she is currently developing her skills in the fine art of Trapeze.

  An important point which needs to be acknowledged, is when Sarah told me that not many people are aware of the risks involved when it comes to fire-breathing or even fire-eating. Not only are there the burns you can sometimes get when the fire catches your body, but more dangerous than that is the paraffin which she has to put in her mouth in order to do the fire breathing. However at the same time as she has been doing this for many years, Sarah takes safety absolutely seriously.

  Being a crazy music fan I needed to know when doing a performance what track gets her in the mood, and it was good to hear she had loads of style when I heard her choice – Metallica’s “Fuel”. Sometimes people forget about how important a role music can be, because for Sarah especially, she told me that a good song playing in the background makes the adrenaline rush even more. Fire and Music – That’s my kinda lady ha!

 Joni George

 Joni’s story was slightly different. Having originally done dancing as a hobby, it was not until he wanted to learn new skills that he decided to experiment with fire. The most challenging yet rewarding skill he picked up was learning to spit with fire, which now he is confident in. That’s an important point right their because like any form of entertainment, the success and enjoyment is not only just about skills, but the self belief and confidence you have in yourselves.

 The main places you can expect to see Joni or Sarah at work are Powerhouse. Mood, Players, Passion andArizona. Joni was very happy to admit that his favourite nights for performing were Project:Homo at Passion on a Tuesday and Rock City also at Passion Nightclub, but on a Thursday.

  Like Sarah, Joni too brought up safety issues. Yes there was the odd battle wound here than there, but the most painful experience was whenever paraffin came into contact with one of his new tattoos. I can just imagine how much that would wreck!

  His ideal song for a performance was yet another classic but brilliant track – Rammstein’s “Firefly”. However if you were to speak about the clubbing scene, Prodigy’s “Fire Starter” would also be one of his favourite. In the corner of my eye I see Sarah nodding in agreement!

  Having spent a good half hour chatting away to these amazing people, I got back into interview mood and asked them both what makes what they do, unique. They both agreed that this was something that not many people do, and although there may be risks involved, it is nevertheless a fun skill to learn.

 So when your next out be sure to watch out for Lush Entertainment’s Joni and Sarah


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