Oceans Between Us: Monday 7th May 2012

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Street Team Reviews

Article By Scott Johnson

I start the night by heading to the gig at 7pm the venue was small it was a pub called Trillians in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, the first band was on at 7.15pm.

 Far From Breathless

 The first band was my friends’ band Far From Breathless, their set was 5 songs long, the atmosphere was boring but was starting to pick up half way through their set. Their last two songs were not finished properly, they didn’t have any lyrics but the rest of the songs were unreal.

 Vocalist Aaron Outterside was amazing. Why? Well he can scream so well. Once finished they received a good reception from the crowd.

 Cities on Fire

 They got the crowd moving a little bit more than Far From Breathless. Although they may have seemed shattered after 3 songs – their vocals were still producing really good music especially with their breakdowns.

 Too Close For Comfort

 A post-hardcore band with plenty of passion. At first the atmosphere was rather boring due to the lack of movement from the crowd. However I was relieved to finally see some action as their set progressed.

 Their breakdowns were typical and normal; the end of their set was good. In the end everyone started to shout with the singer.

 Sacred Betrayal

 The next band were Scared Betrayal, who were the main support of the night. They are a heavy band known for their vocals and insane breakdowns. They have amazing connection with the crowd and they had everyone moving to the music.

 Their 3rd song made everyone start to mosh with the lead singer. The cover Party Rock Anthem was simple, brilliant and fantastic to say the least. In my opinion they had such an amazing stage presence which gave them a special chemistry between the crowd.

 Oceans Between Us

 A band with the perfect stage presence and make the crowd go wild.  Their unique sound gives them the edge – a combination of amazing breakdowns and  insane drumming skills, which only increases the adrenaline of the audience.

 The pits are massive and have the entire crowd involved and with everyone joining in the singing the atmosphere is even better. The lead singer lets people sing along through the mic, which makes the crowd go wild to provide more pitting.

 At the end of the third song the guitarist strings snap for playing too hard and they have to stop for 5 minutes whilst he gets a new guitar. The vocalist form Sacred Betrayal did guest vocals for one of Oceans Between Us songs it was an amazing.

 The guest appearance made the song so much better than the original.

The ending to their show was so perfect, they had the entire crowd pumped up and everyone most likely came out battered and bruised from the pits.

 The whole of the night was worth the £5 I spent and I would definitely go see all the bands again.

 Huge respect to Far From Breathless, Cities On Fire, Too Close For Comfort, Sacred Betrayal and last but not least Oceans Between Us. If I could relive this night I would do this every night!


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