Twenty Twenty: May 7th 2012

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Fuck Me This Is Good Stuff!!!

 Article byDee

  Night time on a rainy but amazing Bank Holiday Monday. My feet are absolutely killing, but I don’t really care because I have had one of the most amazing nights ever. Why? I will tell you why, its all thanks to the fantastic Twenty Twenty show at the O2 Academy inNewcastle.

 The last time I saw these guys must have been back in Winter 2010 in the A1 room. I remember watching them then and I was fascinated, so two years on it was certainly exciting to know how much they had developed as a band.

 Before making my way into the show, I took the opportunity to catch up with the guys to see how life had been treating them since we last spoke. From speaking to Jack, Sam and Sonny you could see the delight in their face to be back on the road as a headline band, especially as it had been quite some time.

 All were in agreement that the tour was progressing well, with probablyManchesterandBirminghambeing some of their favourite places – obviouslyNewcastleforms part of that list too ha!

 When asked about how they had developed as a band, Sam described 2012 as being mark 2 in their journey. With not having to worry about exams and balancing their studies anymore, they could put their full attention into the band. Not only this the release of their second album in 2011 as well as playing in some pretty immense festivals has helped them to take their music to the next level.

 I am quite a curious person as you will know, so with a band in front of me, I needed to know what life was like offstage. For the Twenty Twenty lads it was a mixture after a show of relaxing at the end of the night with a drink or two. When I asked if that would be the case tonight – having been on a 4 night drinking session bed seemed more likely option. – Ha the rock and roll lifestyle – good stuff guys!

 So if your in a band, especially one that has gone from strength to strength like Twenty Twenty – have you ever considered what it likes being up on that stage in front of your many fans. Sam looked at the experience two ways firstly the little reminder in the back of the head that tells him not to forget the words or as he put it “fuck up” – hehe bless you Sam. The second way to look at it, which brother Sonny also agreed with was the overwhelming and amazing feeling of seeing the crowd sing along to music that these three talented guys had created. In a sentence they summarised it as “weird but unreal”.

 Something worth taking note of which shows how important the interaction and vibe is at any gig is the fact that all three were quite clear to point out that the main way to determine if a night has been successful or not is mainly determined by the energy created by the crowd.

 So with being inNewcastle, what could the crowds expect tonight from this special bank holiday performance. Jack couldn’t have summarised it better “hot, bouncy, sweaty, energetic and fun”.

 The thing I love about the Twenty Twenty lads is that they are a prime example of a band who has worked hard, maintained their commitment and motivation thus resulting in them blossoming as band. So when I asked them what advice they would give to others they kept it simple – have fun and enjoy what your doing.

 Interview over it was time to make my way into an incredibly pact A2 with tonight’s Darkus Photographer – Kate Hollamby – *waves at Kate*. Having been back stage with Sam and the lads, we were only able to watch part of opening artist, Matt Lonsdale’s set. HOWEVER this matters not because I was still able to get a great first impression of his material.

 The audience were screaming away in excitement to the stunning vocals that Matt had to offer. As an opening act he gave such a powerful performance, which resulted in the crowd being in the palm of his hand. With being a solo artist, at the academy this can sometimes be rather daunting, but just watching the enthusiasm on his face you could tell that he was there to make a statement. What statement you ask? Well that’s easy one that makes screams out “Check out this insane material mofo, coz you wont be disappointed”.

 Our second artist for the night was another new band, Futureproof. Three guys putting the fun back into the music scene. A really chemistry and connection with the crowd which created a room of hyperness – where if you weren’t dancing along or singing away resisting the urge would prove difficult as it was only a matter of time that you gave into temptation and became part of the Futureproof experience.

 Just the vibe that the band were creating was brilliant, and took my breath away. Knowing that they would be returning toNewcastleagain in July as part of their own headline tour I was totally excited about what I should expect when they return.

 Room 94 next. I have seen this group a few times now and they never seem to disappoint. The crowd has already gone insane to the other two artists that came on, but the Room 94 lads just take it up a couple of notches. Catchy songs, and beats that captivate your mind, its such an amazing sight to see every person in the crowd move to the insane material that Room 94 have created.

 Three brilliant artists have already blessed us on this Bank Holiday Monday and still there is still one more amazing group of lads to come. The crowd waits with eagerness as they await the whole reason we have this night of top class music – Twenty Twenty!

 The lights go down, the room goes quiet, and Sam, Jack and Sonny take to the stage and as soon as the first sound of the guitar and drums are made the whole room erupts with raw energy. Every single member of the crowd is jumping up and down, singing along to the tunes, and this is no exaggeration but you can actually feel the floor move.

 Doing a set mixed with a variety of old and new stuff, it just makes you more and more hyper – well for me anyway! I myself had to join in the fun and dance away, because its not every day I am able to go to a show where every single song played by each artist blows my mind.

Ending their fantastic set with ‘Love to Life’, the three lads really did finish the night off in style.

 My legs may have been killing but all I have to say is this – Damn! Twenty Twenty it was sooooo worth it.

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