Stone Sour: The band I’d most like to see in the UK (again)

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Street Team Reviews







Article By Ellen Fairbairn

Ever since November 2nd 2010 there has been one band that I would give my left arm to see live again: the magnificent Stone Sour. After tearing apart the O2 Academy the night before, to say they left a lasting impression would be a great understatement. Although I intentionally went to see Avenged Sevenfold, as they were co-headlining and, don’t get me wrong, they put on one hell of a show, it was in fact the other half of the mammoth line up that stole the show for me.

             Normally, after seeing a band live it would seem almost natural for me to loose some sort of interest as the ‘height of obsession’, so to speak, was reached, but there was something about Stone Sour that made me want to keep coming back for more. Their crowd participation and all round good sportsmanship showed them to be a somewhat more down-to-earth group of people than the OrangeCountymetalers. Shown in particular by Corey Taylor’s good humour of standing outside of the Academy to meet and greet practically the entirety of the ever growing line for what seemed like hours when all he wanted was a cheeky cigarette. I was lucky enough to get a quick photo, and to say I’ve met the legendary Corey Taylor, a guy that I’ve idolised since I was old enough to listen to Slipknot without being terrified, has been something I’ve taken pride in ever since.

             Initially I didn’t expect great things from Stone Sour, nor did I care if they were actually any good at all. From the age of 14 I developed a small obsession with Avenged Sevenfold, so needless to say, to hear that they were playing the O2 was the highlight of my year. Through the daze of guitar solos, sleeveless t-shirts and Synister Gate’s perfectly quaffed hair, I slowly but surely stumbled upon Stone Sour. Although they were almost a side thought, so I at least knew what to expect when they bounded to the stage before my heroes, I grew to like them in the months prior to the night, but the way which they performed completely blew me away. With the notorious viciousness ofTaylor’s wild performance and all of the ferocity of Slipknot’s guitar work from Jim Root. However without the famous masks it was a more subtle and melodic kick in the teeth.       

 Since that night and with the bruises already long developed faded, and  I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open for any hint that they might come back ever since. Sadly, with two fifths of the band preoccupied with a farewell tour, hopes of another appearance from the Iowan quintet don’t appear to be on the cards for a while. So all I need to do now is wait, sit patiently and bide my time with fingers and toes crossed until the day of their fateful return, so they can once more wreak havoc across the seemingly quiet streets of Newcastle city centre.


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