Nikki Little: Boho Model of The Month

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Down Right Awsome

Earlier this month the fantastic Boho Modelling Agency in Newcastle named Nikki Little their model of the month. I caught up with this fantastic young lady to find out more about her.

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Questions by Dee

Answers by Nikki Little

Dee: How did you first start doing modelling?

Nikki: I had done a little bit of TF work locally then was asked to do a fashion shoot for a local magazine and that was it I was hooked.

Dee: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Nikki: I love the variety, there’s never two days the same. I’m lucky and have the opportunity to travel around and work with different people which I love. I would be bored in a 9 – 5 job, static in one place so this suits my personality.

Dee: If you could think back – were there any particular highlights?

Nikki: Being published in a magazine is always a boost but some of the best highlights are the great people whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with and have now become friends.

Dee: You get the call that your going to be part of a photo shoot – what kinds of preparation do you undergo to get yourself ready?

Nikki: I am well organized and have lists for everything! I get all my outfits ironed and packed the day before if possible along with hair and makeup bags. Then its nails done, google maps and tom tom set, packed lunch made. Finally an early night and a good nights sleep!

Dee: When you see the finished picture – how does it make you feel when you see the final result?

Nikki: I’m always excited to see the results of a shoot. If it’s to be published I’m also a little apprehensive that the images chosen will be ones I like, I think everyone is over critical of their own images but I am proud of my work.

 Dee: I know aside from the modeling you’re a very busy young lady – tell us what you like to do for fun on your days off?

Nikki: As modeling is not always regular or consistent I keep myself busy with other part time jobs, I work as a support worker for adults with severe learning disabilities which I really enjoy, as well as promotional work and Events. I don’t have a lot of free time but love to spend it catching up with friends and family.

Dee: Have there been any particular barriers and obstacles you have had to overcome to get to where you want to be with your passion of modeling?

Nikki: I’m a bit vertically challenged, at 5’ 5” I’m technically above the national average for a female but in the modeling world I’m classed as petite, which does close a lot of doors. A lot of agencies have strict height requirements of 5’7”/5’ 8” and above so although the casting or job might be for a mascara shoot they just wont consider someone of my size. I have persevered though and have been accepted by a few now, hopefully this will continue.

Dee: Looking through your work I can see that you have done a variety of publicity campaigns such as Eldon Square, and also back in 2009 Miss British Isles (North West Winner). Being a Freelance Model therefore – how easy or difficult is it to get opportunities like this?

 Nikki: It’s quite hard to get started! Like any job they want experience and you can’t get experience without being given the chance to do the job! You have to really push yourself forward, apply for everything going and grab any opportunity that comes your way.

I hear models turning down little jobs as they feel they are better than that! But any job is an opportunity and you never know where it could lead, networking with photographers, magazine editors, clothes shop, designers, make up artists etc can all lead to further work. So take all jobs offered, give each shoot 100%, always be reliable and professional and then you can reap the benefits.

Dee: Your home town is in Cumbria, so how does it feel to be representing your region?

Nikki: I’m proud to represent my region. Although I do keep my work quite low key, modeling is not a common career in Cumbria, people will say “I saw a girl in the Sports Direct catalogue looked the spitting image of you!” its quite amusing to say it was me! I think people only see models as high fashion catwalkers working in London, Paris and Milan. They don’t realize how much commercial work there is out there, even for a Cumbrian girl.

Dee: When people look at your pictures what is the one main thing you want them to take in when they look at your work?

 Nikki: I would hope that they would see my professionalism and versatility. I always give 100% no matter what the shoot and I hope this shines through.

Dee: The thing I love about you is how you’re a down to earth person, who has plenty of confidence and self respect in yourself. What advice would you give to others considering pursuing their passion in modelling?

 Nikki: It’s a tough industry so don’t take rejection personally it’s just someone’s opinion, bounce back and keep going! Work hard, always give your best and grab every opportunity, as you never know where it could lead. ‘The only difference between try and triumph is a little umph’

You can check out more of Nikki’s work at


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