An evening with Silva Method

Posted: June 16, 2012 in New Music

Article by Dee

Photos By Ellen Dixon

I was invited to an amazing night of local talent a couple weeks ago held at the Bridge Hotel inNewcastle. Going in with only basic knowledge of headline band, Silva Method I was unsure what to expect. Like any gig I attend the night is all about the support artists than just the headliner.

 Starting the night off we had 2 piece band, Ugromov with their acoustic set. This was nice soulful music that I was witnessing. I liked their tunes for the elegance and simplicity. Looking around the room I could see everyone was captivated and entranced. The room was that silent you could hear a pin drop.

 Both members of the band compliment each other’s talents. The skill of the guitarist puts an element of beauty in to the performance when combined with the vocalist – thus giving this music that extra edge and brilliance.

 Ugromov’s final song started off slow then all of a sudden their was an unexpected burst of energy which put a spark into the song.

 Our next act was a young artist who named himself – The Young Property Developers. You could tell the nerves in his voice, but this was quite endearing and actually helped the set. This guy takes everyday life – such as the weather, emotions, relationships etc and incorporates into his music. Its good to do something like this because the audience can relate.

 The lyrics are quite creative and witty. However if I was to give one bit of constructive feedback I would say he needs more confidence in his talent as a musician and solo artist.

 From one solo artist to another, we next had Sarah Holmes. Singing all her original material was a delight to listen to because it was insane, addictive and quirky. One of my favourite tracks was “Hard to Know”. In this song Sarah has such a lovely voice due to its beauty. When combined with the catchy tones and beats provided by the guitar, this makes Sarah Holmes the perfect package.

 With 3 brilliant artists, it was the moment I had been waiting for all night – Silva Method. They offered something totally different to the acoustic acts before. I would probably describe it as rock with a bit of attitude and maturity. You could even go as far to compare it to Evenescence – but a male version of Amy Lee.

 The lead vocalist, Jamie Quickfall on the keyboard gives their set a modern and fresh twist. They certainly are a mixture of different elements and sounds. This level of diversity makes their songs and identity as a local band top class.

 I would have no problem coming to see Silva Method time and time again. They are creating their own style and doing their own thing which means they are creating their own norms. Will they go far? Without a doubt – Hell Yes!!!

So how can you hear Silva Method for yourself – firstly through the usual social network channels and also the guys will be taking part in this summers Soundwave auditions at the Academy. I can only wish them all the best and put it out there that Soundwave Competition acts as a brilliant platform for bands such as Silva Method to take their journey to the next step.

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