Arcane Roots – Left Fire Album Review

Posted: June 23, 2012 in New Music

 Article by Dee


After playing at an amazing Kerrang Awards Tour not so long ago, it seems Arcane Roots just keep amazing fans with their amazing work in their mission to put life back into the music scene. These amazing guys have recently released their latest album Left Fire.

The very moment Lucius, their manager, sent me the album I was instantly taken back at just how fantastic this band are. Usually when you get an album there are one or two tracks which you love more than others, but with Left Fire every single track makes this such a superb album.

The album starts with a chilling yet soul consuming track named Aus Blauderen Verederen, Dus Moet. Although there is no singing in this track it is nevertheless a track with that creates high hopes and expectations for what is to come……and what I found was that those hopes and expectations blew my mind on each track this album had to offer.

One track which I would totally recommend from this album is “In this Town ofSuch Weather”. Catchy lyrics and vocals which make you listen with excitement, I just wanted to headbang to this song. It is such a strong song because it shows how Arcane Roots can adapt and create diversity all in one song.

Another favourite of mine is “Rouen”. What fascinates me about this song is its simplicity which allows the listener to listen carefully to the lyrics. The lyrics are also presented with such passion and emotion which just captivated me and left me speechless. However even though it may be simple, it still has all the signs of an Arcane Roots masterpiece.

As this is the first time I have ever heard this album, my first impressions of it are good. It is an album which shows just how much hard work Arcane Roots put into their music to create a product that not only entertains the listener, but creates a vibe that is too precious to ignore.

Arcane Roots – Left Fire check it out now!


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