Robert Hood: A Master Of Creativity And Imagination!

Posted: July 7, 2012 in EPM


Article By Dee

Prepare to be amazed when I tell you that Artist Robert Hood is back in the music industry with his fantastic new album, Motor: Nighttime World 3. Released in September 2012, through the label Music Man – I believe this masterpiece to be a great start to Autumn.

 I was completely breath taken when my friends at EPM sent me this brilliant album to check out. What Hood does with this album is that he takes an every day item, in this case a motor vehicle, and uses it as a concept to create some pretty impressive beats and grooves. I totally respect this guy for his ability to bring imagination and in a way an art of creativity to the world of music.

 The album starts with the delicate yet moving, Exodus. It is a very lovely introduction to the album, as from an instant it takes the listener into the world of Robert Hood, as he sees it. With an album title “Motor: Nighttime World 3” you can just imagine how this is music where you can imagine a busy city calming down at night. It the case of Robert Hood, he based much of the idea onDetroit.

 My favourite track on this album has to be, ‘Hate Transmissions’. The beat and pace of this piece of music are unreal. For me, it was one that as I listened I could really feel consuming my soul, sending a chilling yet exciting sensation down my spine. The sophisticated sounds and vibe this album creates for the listener is one which gives you a sudden rush of adrenaline, with each track blowing your mind due to the uniqueness.

 Taking his talent to the masses, Robert Hood has started a World Tour, which started 6th July 2012 inSpain and finishing in November inSydney,Australia. Although theUK may not be part of his tour, if you happen to be inEurope over the next few months you must definitely go and check this fantastic artist out.

 The album is released 17th September 2012 – so make sure you make the time to check this stunning artist and his music out.

Robert Hood Facebook page


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