Design The Skyline: ‘Break Free From Your Life’ Video Review

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Article By Dee

 Design The Skyline are back doing what they do their best, creating first class amazing music. The team at Victory informed me about their music video, ‘Break Free From Your Life’, therefore being a fan of their material it was important that I checked out the video for my self.

 Listening and watching the fantastic material took me back to bands such as Silverstein, another Victory band who helped me in my journey to alternative music in my university days. Design The Skyline are similar to them, however they also have their own unique twist and edge which makes them stand out.

 In terms of the song itself, the lyrics are deep and go nicely with the fast catchy beat. I just wanted to mosh non stop to this. Lord knows how many times I pressed the replay button on this video. I ask many bands I come across the song that gets their adrenaline pumping. From a listener point of view ‘Break Free From Your Life’ is a definite contender for me.

 What about the video itself then? Unlike other videos you see there are no gimmicks, which some artists try to use to distract the attention from the music. This video is simple and straight to the point which I like because it shows what makes Design The Skyline a fantastic up and coming band – the energy, passion and commitment from all members of the band which make them a pleasure not just to listen to but watch as well.

 Your probably wondering to yourself when you can see this brilliant up and coming new band. If you happen to be in the USAduring August you can catch them on their headline tour supported by friends Amyst and Silence the Messenger. If you are not that fortunate however never fear because you can still be part of the Design The Skyline experience by getting your hands on their most recent album Nevaeh, which is available in all good stores now !

 To find out more information about Design The Skyline and other brilliant artists part of the Victory family, head over to

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