Eva Abraham: Cold Light Review

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Caravan


Article By Dee

 The team at Caravan have been busy recommending Darkus Magazine many amazing artists’ to check out. One of their recent signings, who also happened to take my breath away, was Eva Abraham. As many know female solo artists are like gold dust especially in such a male dominated industry, so when I hear of a female making her mark, Darkus is always happy to support a women’s presence in the music industry.

 The track which captivated me, due to the beauty of Eva’s voice was ‘Cold Light’. It’s quite a chilled out song, with a pace that just relaxes the listener. Just listening to this song made me feel butterflies inside me because it is so elegantly done. The lyrics are deep and meaningful as well, so when you listen careful to the words you don’t just warm to Eva, but it is as though you feel a real connection to the music as well.

 Cold Light is taken from Eva’s upcoming Cold Light Experiences which is released this September via Hamworth Music. With a mix of flavours from folk, gypsy, country, ska, cumbia, blues and jazz, it is said to be something special, especially if the song I just listened to is anything to go by.

 When doing some background research into Eva and her music it made me smile even more to hear that she described The Cold Light Experiences as the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter. If you want music that is soulful, elegant and a breath of fresh air – this is definitely the one for you.



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