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Article By Dee

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The British music scene just keeps leaving me speechless at the moment, especially as there is such amazing new talent out there who are showing the rest of the music industry just how having determination and passion can create amazing results. The latest new band for me to come across were, Fearless Vampire Killers when they came to Newcastle earlier this month as part of the William Control UK tour.

 I have not heard any of their music before this night, but I had heard that theNewcastlemusic scene had great support for them, so I needed to see the guys for myself and see what made them so special. Now usually the structure of my reviewing and interviewing is like this – watch a band perform first or at the very least check out the internet for some of their material and then request an interview. In theory that’s what should usually happen, but for once I wanted to improvise and decided to interview first.

 I was blessed to be able to speak to three members of this intriguing band, Shane, Lawrence and Drew. I was basically using this as an opportunity to learn more about Fearless Vampire Killers, so even though I try to avoid the subject, I was fascinated to know where the name of the band had originated from.Lawrenceexplained to me that this was a named based on his favourite childhood film. Rather than choosing just any name however the band also wanted to create a name which caused a reaction as well.

 When asked for their type of influences – they informed me that it was mainly revolved around the likes of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton style films. Drew described themselves as a gothic, classic band – withLawrenceadding to the conversation “Like A circus – full of surprises and fun”.

 Before I go any further, just think for a moment. You see your favourite band perform and not only playing with them but actually joining them as a fully established member happens. At first you would think this would be impossible – however this is not so my dears. Being a mahoosive fan of Fearless Vampire Killers, it was like a plan come true when Drew was able to join the band. His inclusion in the band would have been much sooner, but asLawrenceexplained this was due to Drew already being in another band named, Plan 9.

 Looking at these three guys sat in front of me it was obvious that they loved being in each others company, so as I ask any band I wanted to know what the chemistry was like between all the members. Having grown up together when on stage for the first time the chemistry was instantLawrencetells me. Also the fact that they had known one another at an early stage meant that they had always felt close.

 Getting the basics out the way, it was time to move the interviewing onto the currentUKtour with William Control. The guys told me when they received notification of the tour, they were really happy to know that they were going to be playing with William Control. Being a follower since the days of Aiden, not only was William there as the headliner on the tour, but he was also their where Fearless Vampire Killers needed any advice. Its such a great thing to hear about bands on a tour not just supporting on stage but off stage too.

 When an artist or a band are playing on a tour there is another important aspect we as listeners should not forget. Yes it’s a joy for us to hear and see our favourite bands perform right in front of us, but have you ever wondered what the artist’s themselves want to achieve by touring? The answer is so simple, as Lawrence, Shane and Drew told me the most valuable thing was to spread the name Fearless Vampire Killers and also be able to play to a mixture of old followers and new fans.

 Time was ticking on, and as much as I love interviewing I had to draw the questions to an end, but not without slipping in one more query. What goes through their head just before they go on stage to perform? All three were quite open and said apart from the usual hugs, and sword fights (that would be Drew btw), the main thought pattern was to play a good show and to think positively.

 Interview over, me and photographer Kate Hollamby headed back outside as we waited for the gig to officially start. Taking place in the nice and snug A2 over at the Academy, the first band to take to the stage was Rossi Noise. Based inNewcastle, this is a band I have always heard positive reviews about but leading the hectic life I do, I always seem to miss them. Therefore it was an absolute delight to be able to see them for the first time.

 The role of the first band is important, because in some sense I believe it’s the energy they create that dictates how insane the vibe is for the rest of the show. Rossi Noise therefore not only delivered such an electrifying performance but their material was experimental, daring and most of all fecking brilliant. Local new talent is such a priceless thing when it’s done with the same level of maturity, dedication and energy that Rossi Noise showed me in their set. It may not have been a necessarily long set, but it was long enough to convince me that they are certainly a strong contender in the north east music scene.

 Taking a bit of a walk – as I needed to get a breath of fresh air, I returned to the A2 to watch Fearless Vampire Killers. Never ever did I expect to listen to a band for the very first time, and my mind be blown to the next level like FVK did. Wow!!!! Firstly people will know anything related or based around a Tim Burton feel and I am instantly screaming with hyperness inside my head. This is not the only reason for being totally in love with FVK however.

 Performance wise the guys perform with such passion and energy during every song. The audience are drawn in and dancing away – and yes that does include me too! Now I am a fan of bands such as I Am Ghost and Chiodos, so if you like those two bands then you will certainly love Fearless Vampire Killers.

 However what I would also add to this is that FVK as modest as they may have been in the interview should be absolutely pleased with how they are progressing as a band. They have put a lot of hard work and care into this band, and I can certainly see them getting stronger and stronger to the point where it would be a crime to miss out on such an amazing British band.

 I started the day not knowing anything about Fearless Vampire Killers, but it ended with me thirsty for more of their material. Well done guys, Thanks for an Amazing Night!!!!


 Article by Dee


After playing at an amazing Kerrang Awards Tour not so long ago, it seems Arcane Roots just keep amazing fans with their amazing work in their mission to put life back into the music scene. These amazing guys have recently released their latest album Left Fire.

The very moment Lucius, their manager, sent me the album I was instantly taken back at just how fantastic this band are. Usually when you get an album there are one or two tracks which you love more than others, but with Left Fire every single track makes this such a superb album.

The album starts with a chilling yet soul consuming track named Aus Blauderen Verederen, Dus Moet. Although there is no singing in this track it is nevertheless a track with that creates high hopes and expectations for what is to come……and what I found was that those hopes and expectations blew my mind on each track this album had to offer.

One track which I would totally recommend from this album is “In this Town ofSuch Weather”. Catchy lyrics and vocals which make you listen with excitement, I just wanted to headbang to this song. It is such a strong song because it shows how Arcane Roots can adapt and create diversity all in one song.

Another favourite of mine is “Rouen”. What fascinates me about this song is its simplicity which allows the listener to listen carefully to the lyrics. The lyrics are also presented with such passion and emotion which just captivated me and left me speechless. However even though it may be simple, it still has all the signs of an Arcane Roots masterpiece.

As this is the first time I have ever heard this album, my first impressions of it are good. It is an album which shows just how much hard work Arcane Roots put into their music to create a product that not only entertains the listener, but creates a vibe that is too precious to ignore.

Arcane Roots – Left Fire check it out now!

An evening with Silva Method

Posted: June 16, 2012 in New Music

Article by Dee

Photos By Ellen Dixon

I was invited to an amazing night of local talent a couple weeks ago held at the Bridge Hotel inNewcastle. Going in with only basic knowledge of headline band, Silva Method I was unsure what to expect. Like any gig I attend the night is all about the support artists than just the headliner.

 Starting the night off we had 2 piece band, Ugromov with their acoustic set. This was nice soulful music that I was witnessing. I liked their tunes for the elegance and simplicity. Looking around the room I could see everyone was captivated and entranced. The room was that silent you could hear a pin drop.

 Both members of the band compliment each other’s talents. The skill of the guitarist puts an element of beauty in to the performance when combined with the vocalist – thus giving this music that extra edge and brilliance.

 Ugromov’s final song started off slow then all of a sudden their was an unexpected burst of energy which put a spark into the song.

 Our next act was a young artist who named himself – The Young Property Developers. You could tell the nerves in his voice, but this was quite endearing and actually helped the set. This guy takes everyday life – such as the weather, emotions, relationships etc and incorporates into his music. Its good to do something like this because the audience can relate.

 The lyrics are quite creative and witty. However if I was to give one bit of constructive feedback I would say he needs more confidence in his talent as a musician and solo artist.

 From one solo artist to another, we next had Sarah Holmes. Singing all her original material was a delight to listen to because it was insane, addictive and quirky. One of my favourite tracks was “Hard to Know”. In this song Sarah has such a lovely voice due to its beauty. When combined with the catchy tones and beats provided by the guitar, this makes Sarah Holmes the perfect package.

 With 3 brilliant artists, it was the moment I had been waiting for all night – Silva Method. They offered something totally different to the acoustic acts before. I would probably describe it as rock with a bit of attitude and maturity. You could even go as far to compare it to Evenescence – but a male version of Amy Lee.

 The lead vocalist, Jamie Quickfall on the keyboard gives their set a modern and fresh twist. They certainly are a mixture of different elements and sounds. This level of diversity makes their songs and identity as a local band top class.

 I would have no problem coming to see Silva Method time and time again. They are creating their own style and doing their own thing which means they are creating their own norms. Will they go far? Without a doubt – Hell Yes!!!

So how can you hear Silva Method for yourself – firstly through the usual social network channels and also the guys will be taking part in this summers Soundwave auditions at the Academy. I can only wish them all the best and put it out there that Soundwave Competition acts as a brilliant platform for bands such as Silva Method to take their journey to the next step.

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Earlier this month the Stop, Drop, Rock Tour came to Newcastle. One of the artists performing were The City Calls. Having watched such a fantastic set from the guys, sadly I was unable to speak to them at the event, so thanks to the power of electronic mail we overcome this petty little obstacle and took part in an online interview. Special thanks goes out to The City Calls for taking time out of their busy schedules to speak to Darkus Magazine.

 Questions By Dee

 Answers by The City Calls

 Dee: Your tour started in Newcastle on Monday 9th April – how has it gone so far?

The City Calls: The tour held host to some of our most enjoyable shows to date. We had a brilliant time playing to cities we haven’t hit in a while and Newcastle was a new place for us so it was great to meet some new people. Every night had it’s own special part of the tour and it was great to see so many people enjoying us play!

Dee: What is it about The City Calls that you enjoy the most?

The City Calls: Playing shows. I think it’s the payoff from the hard work that you put into writing, recording, driving to shows & practising. I mean, those are all enjoyable parts of being in a band but the live show is where you get to showcase all that effort and the fans get to show us what they think about everything we’ve done.

Dee:  How did the band first come together and start?

The City Calls: Me (Lucas) and Scotty met back in late 2008 and we got on really well from the get-go. We eventually started talking of starting a band through a few practices with the other guys we just knew that this was it and we got ourselves a name and started playing shows.

Dee: Do you remember what it was like going on stage for the very first time you performed together? what was it like?

The City Calls: It was exciting. We were playing these songs that no one had heard but us and we obviously didn’t have a massive following of people for the band so it was exciting to go out on stage and show people this brand new music. It was incredibly nerve-racking too but that all goes away as soon as you start playing and we just enjoyed ourselves.

Dee: How important is this tour for you?

The City Calls: The tour was very important, as are every other tour and gigs we play. This one had significance in the fact it was the last 4 shows for some of the guys. We are about to embark on a bigger and busier schedule and so some of the guys respectfully stepped back to let The City Calls grow. So, it was emotional but through all the honesty from the guys letting me and Scotty know that this would be their last tour we went out and played some of our best ever sets. The fans were incredible throughout the tour so it has hopefully left a special memory for those guys and for The City Calls it has left the foundations for our next chapter. It’s going to be a good one, that’s for sure.

Dee: What do you think fans coming to the shows on this tour can learn about The City Calls and their music?

The City Calls: We put a lot of energy into our live show and we are a bunch of down to earth guys that are having fun on stage. I’d like to think that comes across when we play and people learn that is what The City Calls are about.

Dee: When you were told that you would be taking part with the other bands such as My ExtraOrdinary, The Famous Class and Taking Hayley – what was your first reaction?

The City Calls: When we were asked to be on the tour with those bands we were stoked. We had played a show with The Famous Class guys a year or so ago so we were looking forward to going on tour with them. It was a brilliant line-up and the bands killed it every night. It made for some memorable shows.

Dee: Are there any particular things you are determined to achieve over the next few months?

The City Calls: We are going to achieve excitement, rejuvenation and to get back out on the road. I can’t say much because it will ruin the surprise but it’s all going to kick off, in a good way.

Dee: At what point in your journey as a band, would you say you started to be impressed by the progress you were making?

The City Calls: From day one. We go into a practice room, a studio or walk onto a stage and we want to do ourselves proud. We don’t want to be lazy about any aspect of being in a band because we’d be letting ourselves down and we’d be letting the fans down. With confidence in what we’re doing I want to impress the fans and anyone new hearing of our band. Through any good and bad times we eventually make awesome progress and it’s always exciting to see the next step for the band just waiting on the horizon.

Dee: Which has been the most fun song to create and perform?

The City Calls: Our latest record ‘A Spark To Ignite’ was the most fun to make. Every song has it’s own little story and we had a lot more time to work on the record so we just had a lot of fun working on the songs. When we perform our singles, we get a sweet crowd reaction so that’s always a reason to pick them to be the most fun.

Dee: Have there been any particular barriers which you have had to overcome to get to where you are today?

The City Calls: When I (Lucas) struggled with severe vocal strain I took it pretty badly and it affected us all a lot.  But the band are my best friends and they helped me through it and months down the line we recorded ‘A Spark To Ignite’ which, we are extremely proud of. Through that you realise how precious some things can be and for it happening then I now take my voice and health a lot more seriously now. Of course, right now we’re going through a big change and at first, it felt like a huge barrier. But we’ve overcome it and are ready to take on the next chapter for The City Calls. It was incredibly daunting at the time but we work hard and eventually come up swinging.

Dee: In terms of progress where do you currently see yourselves?

The City Calls: We wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises so I’ll just say we see ourselves getting ready to have some of the best times we’ve ever had with The City Calls.

Dee: Other than your own home city, what other city are you looking forward to the most?

The City Calls: We were stunned by every city. We saw some familiar faces and even new faces singing along to our songs so if anything, we look forward to getting back and playing for them again!

Dee: You were preparing for this tour, take us through your regular routine that you put in place to get yourselves ready?

The City Calls: We rehearse right up until tour and get into ‘tour shape’ so we don’t end up passing out onstage, we pack as little clothes as possible, clean the sweat and tears off the gear from the previous tour and then hit the road.

Dee: With the idea of a rotating headline tour this gives the impression that all bands involved have shared values and are equal. Do you agree?

The City Calls: Definitely, we got see all the bands kill it in their hometown so the crowds were insane. We hope to play with those guys again sometime down the line.

Dee: Is there any particular member of the band that takes charge – or would you say you all share the responsibilities?

The City Calls: We pretty much look after ourselves and at the core of the band we are a bunch of friends so we watch over each other and make sure what we do is done well.

Complete this sentance. The City Calls are worth checking out because……..

The City Calls: we love playing shows, having an awesome time and playing our music to as many people as possible.

Taproot – ‘The Episodes’

Posted: April 7, 2012 in New Music



Review ByDee

Victory Record’s fantastic band, Taproot is due to release their latest album, ‘The Episodes’ on 10th April 2012. Having had a sneaky listen I was absolutely hyper with what I was hearing. I have not really followed Taproot’s material much, but from listening to this album I will make sure I don’t make that mistake again.

The album starts with a very stylish and powerful track, ‘No Surrender’. It is quite a good starting song because it draws you into the mind of Taproot. When I heard the track I almost could see how those into the likes of Three Days Grace would appreciate this band. Ok it may not be a fast track to an album, but it nevertheless still got me bopping away and swaying from side to side as I listened.

‘Lost Boy’ is a totally strange yet fascinating track, due to the fact that its like your favourite type of cocktail. So many things going on, from the stunning vocals, different paces and the creativity behind it. You can really tell in this song that Taproot have no fears about trying new things and experimenting, thus giving them a unique and exceptional sound.

The track which made this album absolutely perfect for me, was ‘A Kiss From The Sky’. Its just so soulful, that when you listen to it makes you really connect with the lyrics. Yes there is nothing wrong with screamo, but Taproot are a great example of how lyrics and not the amount you scream your lungs out, can also make music come alive.

Taproot’s fantastic album ends with the track, ‘We Don’t Belong Here’. I quite like it due to its dark but moving lyrics and beats that which not only get inside your soul, but also your mind.

‘The Episodes’ is released 10th April 2012 – so if you want to be part of a experience where both lyrics and music come alive then this album is a definite must!

Liz Green Releases ‘Bad Medicine’

Article by Dee

If you want to hear a talented singer song writer, with plenty of style and character in her music, let me tell you about Liz Green. This talented lady has an album out at the moment called, ‘O’ Devotion’ which I am told is absolutely incredible. From the material I heard however, there was in particular which totally appealed to me – ‘Bad Medicine’.

I first heard this track as a song and was extremely impressed by what I was hearing. Liz Green’s vocals are so captivating, and the lyrics make you feel that you are part of a conversation with your mind. The pace of the song is just right, not too fast or slow and very smoothly presented.

When my good friend Matthew Maxey told me about the music video for this song on You Tube this just took the song to a completely new level for me. The video shows an animation of a man who is trying to make his way in society where life is tough. Feeling as though he is an outsider, who does not quite fit in – when you put this animation together with the vocals of Liz Green – it’s almost as though you are able to feel the thoughts and emotions this guy is dealing with on a day to day basis. Bad Medicine when seen as a video is totally touching and beautiful.

To see what I mean by pure beauty check out the video yourself at

The fun does not have to stop there though, because if you like what you see and hear as I did, it will make you happy to know Liz Green is in the middle of a UK tour which ends Thursday 5th April.

Thurs 22 March Birmingham Glee Club £8

Fri 23 March Exeter Cavern £8

Sat 24 March Bristol Louisiana £8

Mon 26 March Glasgow Captains Rest £8

Tues 27 March York Duchess £6.50


Wed 28 March Newcastle Cluny 2 £7

Thu 29 March Sheffield Riverside FREE

Fri 30 March Leeds Brudenell £8

Sun 1 April Norwich Arts Centre £8

Mon 2 April Brighton The Hope £6

Tue 3 April London Bush Hall £12.50

Wed 4 April Cambridge Portland Arms £7

Thu 5 April Manchester Deaf Institute £7

Suus: Rap with a North East Edge

Posted: March 23, 2012 in New Music

Article by Dee


At last someone in the local music scene is thinking outside the box. The name of this brave, but also talented individual is 17 year old Max Simpson, a.k.a Suus from Newcastle. Suus in my opinion anyway, is the north east’s up and coming rappers. Thanks to Abby, a member of my street team I was able to discover the amazing music and talent that Suus was creating.


There were three main songs by this amazing guy, that had me hooked in an instant. Firstly, ‘Sink or Swim’ is full of attitude and yes it is rap but its rapping with a north east twist. By this I mean Suus’ lyrics relate to our region. The lyrics don’t just stop their, because if you listen carefully the song gives you an insight into the world through Max’ eyes. His experiences, the obstacles he has had to face its more that music its, a story!


‘Donald Trump (Bill Gates)’ was the second song which I was able to check out. The beats are catchy upbeat, and in a way rather bouncy. Never did I think it was possible for an artist to drop names like Alan Shearer into a song, but my god Suus does it impeccably well. Listening to this track just makes you smile.


There is a political angle to Suus’ material as well, which is good to see. How many times have we had a view point but we find it hard to express our opinions due to older people disregarding them. Through Suus’ music however he is not only standing up for what he believes in, but using music as an excellent way to express himself.


If you want a song with plenty of attitude which also makes you want to bop along too, I definitely recommend, ‘I Will Win’. Creative lyrics, which you can tell he has put an awful lot of thought into.


From listening to these three songs, and I must admit Rap is not usually something I tend to listen to, the genre was irrelevant because I was listening to an artist who was not only special, but a fine example of how talented the youth in the north east music scene can be.


For more information on Suus check out the following:


Twitter: @SuusUpNorth