Alternative Model Summer Casting: Saturday 21st July 2012

Article by Dee

Photos provided by Alternative Model

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 It was that time of year again when the team at Alternative Model opened their doors again for more casting in their hunt to find the Alternative Model of the year. When I went in April to observe the Spring auditions I had a completely amazing time, so I could not wait to see what a fresh set of contestants had to offer to the competition.

 Just looking around the place you could tell that their was a real vibe and buzz for this summer casting. With this being the final opportunity to get through to the September final at Tiger Tiger everyone entering had brought their fighter spirit to impress the judges.

 Similar to last time contestants had to go to three different judges, with the only guidance to be to ensure they have confidence, image and emotional reflection when doing the various photo shoots. In my last review I commended those who entered for their individuality – which is the great thing about the alternative scene everyone has their own style. This time round was certainly no different there were a large amount of different identities which just made me smile inside.

 The casting was broken up into the following groups:

 Female – 13-16yrs

Female – 17-20yrs

Female – 21-25yrs

Female – 26+ yrs

Male – All Ages

 Compared to last time I would say there were not many entries for the 13-16 category, but nevertheless they were still exceptional. Ok their may have been a few nerves in the air, but they were soon put at ease as the photographers tried to encourage people to relax and enjoy themselves in front of the camera.

 As I mentioned this was the last opportunity to make it into the final, so I did recognize a couple of familiar faces who attended in April. Passionate about their dream to be part of the Alternative Model experience they had turned up this time with extra confidence and determination that should not be over looked.

 Looking around the studio I could see the mixed feelings and emotions in the waiting area. Some were taking the opportunity to make new friends, others contemplating and I even so one person reading a pretty nifty novel. Either way it takes a lot of courage and self belief to take part in an event such as this so I totally respect those who had the guts to come along to not just this casting but the other 2 previous castings too, especially first timers!

 The remarkable thing about the Alternative Model Casting is that it is not only restricted to the boundaries of the North East, as like last time we had contestants coming from other parts of the UK just to take part. For instance this time round someone travelled all the way from Edinburgh – now that’s dedication!

 I just need to mention that Kieran had created the best playlist for background music ever – Rammstein, Fall Out Boy, Within Temptation and AFI – I remember thinking to myself “OMG! I am in musical heaven!”.

 I would probably say the men’s category was quite good to observe because I think it was a good representation of the different alternative looks we have in our region – metal, scene, punk rock, gothic etc. Credit should also go to the ladies categories as well because their was a lot of simplicity in their chosen clothes which was just the right balance because to me anyway it showed that they were being themselves, thus showing you don’t have to go over the top to have an effective strong look and image!

 And so the final auditions had come to an. Based on what I have seen here today and in April I cannot explain how exciting I am to see the finalists battle it out in September.

 The day has been fantastic from my point of view, the weather is lush too……but more importantly than that the talent I have discovered through Alternative Model has just blown my mind! Good luck to all finalists!


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