Sarah Louise Northey: The Vision Behind Naughty Knickers

Article By Dee

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  I want to tell you about this fantastic female entrepreneur I came across as a result of her clothes line, Naughty Knickers being featured in this Years Newcastle Fashion Week. Her name is Sarah L. Northey.

 I caught up with Sarah during the week to have a good ol chat with her and find out all about this fantastic young lady and her vision. Her label Naughty Knickers has been in motion since February 2011. Prior to this, Sarah was working over in the famous Harrods store in Knightsbridge in the menswear section. As you can imagine therefore it was a somewhat of a leap to the world of woman’s lingerie, but one that would see Sarah begin her successful journey to create her own vision especially for an everyday thing that all women love.

 This was not to the only change Sarah had to make however, once she moved back fromLondon, it was matter of adjusting back to the North East. Compared toLondon, it was felt fashion was not something that focused on; therefore we both agreed it was an absolute breath of fresh air to see the north east embracing in fashion and style in the form of Newcastle Fashion week.

 So what else can I tell you about Sarah then? Well to start with she is more than just a local business lady. She is a strong, confident and passionate female whose commitment to hard work resulted in her being the major distributor to a brand named Maison Clothes – a label specialising in French lingerie. The success has not just stopped here however, even though Naughty Knickers may only be available online this has not stopped customers from different parts of the country as well as other countries being fascinated with her product not just on the screen but in person too. 

 My next question was to ask her what things she had coming up in the future to take her label forward. One exciting piece of new she was able to tell me was her inclusion in a Trade Show which would take place inBirminghamthis August. The benefits of taking part in such an event are just mind blowing. Not only is the lingerie and swimwear section a very popular industry but it is also a brilliant opportunity to get even more acknowledgment for Naughty Knickers and the attention it deserves. Not only this but if you think about it, to have one of our regions own creative and amazing new designers just makes you feel proud when you think that Sarah Northey is from the North East.

 Trade shows aside the other major goal for Sarah was to pay more attention to building her brands. One of the methods she was able to do this was through the Newcastle Fashion week that I keep talking about. In her words it was a fantastic experience, and she felt totally honoured to be given the opportunity to get involved. Just to give you a better picture, her collection Naughty Knickers was featured along side the likes of Vivienne Westwood.

 That’s goals covered. What about highlights?  Perphaps the biggest achievement for Sarah was as mentioned earlier becoming the major distributor to Maison clothes. As impressive as that sounded I was touched even more by her second highlight, which was namely being able to work with different people in the north east. By working with the likes of photographers, designers etc, it has enabled her to make Naughty Knickers are extremely strong vision, whereby the best quality lingerie is being sold – thus making this a strong business on all levels.

 I talked a lot to Sarah about her business, but I wanted to know about the young lady herself as well. It’s a good thing I decided to think this, because there is so much more about Sarah Northey I need to share with you all. Firstly you would think that running a business that keeps succeeding and succeeding would take a lot of energy. The remarkable thing about Naughty Knickers however is that Sarah does all the work, thus just illustrating her commitment and motivation to make her dream a reality. I should also mention as well that she has also received a lot of support from friends and family. I made me chuckle to hear that it was her dad who came up with the title, Naughty Knickers. Lord bless fathers, you can always count on them for honesty ha!

 Sarah admitted that once her vision was put into action, it was a lot more work than she anticipated. However being the determined young lady she is, she would not be defeated and persevered to keep on going, because she had that much faith and belief in her product. At times she told me, it was very easy to start work at 7am in the morning and carry on into midnight without noticing. WOW this lady is a legend!

 I am speaking to an amazing designer here, so it would be a bit stupid of me not to ask a very important question. What are the most popular ranges in her collection this summer?!  This is the point where I handed my pen and note book to Sarah, as impressive as my days of A Level French is, it’s been a while since I have wrote in Français – ha see what I did there. Ok sorry back to Naughty Knickers. Yes there were three poplar collections, Belle de nuit – which was more daring and cheeky, yet was still glam and stylish at the same time. We then had Palais Voltaire, and finally Villa Satine which Sarah informed me was the best selling collection in the North East at the moment.

 Time was ticking away, and as much as I loved being in her company it was time to bring this interview to a close. But not without asking one more question – what makes Naughty Knickers unique. For this Sarah put herself in the position of the customer, which is an absolutely priceless thing to do, because it shows how she cares about her customers needs. With the business being on the website you would think there would be limitations. Oh no not as far as Sarah is concerned.

 Naughty Knickers strives on creating good customer service, with personalised features such as an online personal shopper. What does this entail I hear you cry? Well you like something, or just can’t make up your mind what to get from the N.K Collection. The solution, a quick message to Sarah via the website and a short time later and you are presented with lots of solutions to help you overcome your shopping dilemma.  

  Just speaking to Sarah made me really privileged to have her share her journey with me. The north east has a lot of fantastic talent – be it music or fashion. It’s the confidence and dedication that the likes of Sarah Northey, combined with the fighter spirit which make this a region where people become inspired to achieve great things.

 Naughty Knickers I Salute You 🙂
















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