‘Till We Drop Promotions

by Dee

The most difficult thing about being in a local band, is knowing which local  promoters to trust. As I said in previous articles, if you choose the wrong contacts, you may be caught up in a dead end deal, whereby there is very little benefit for you, and more benefit for the promoter as all they are concerned about is money! In some degrees, according to the law of D, I would call this pissing on the little guy!

Due to this behaviour, Promoters in general create a bad reputation for themselves, with many bands either deciding, hey we will do this our self, or being that fed up that they give up on their dreams!

HOWEVER my dears, there are still some good people out their, who have local music and encouraging talent at heart. If you ever come across one, then be sure to make the best of the opportunity they give you!

One of these beacons of the North East Music Scene is, ‘Till We Drop Promotions. Run by Harvey, their enthusiastic promotions manager, they decribe themselves as ” aiming to succeed in bringing to attention the local scene of “core” music, ranging from bro-core to deathcore”. Statements like this are priceless, how often have you found that a promoter does the cardinal sin, of pigeon holeing you, meaning you never able to show your best potential. However as we can see with Till We Drop, they have an open mind to the local music scene, which is terribly important, because it shows people such as me, that there is someone out there prepared to give every artists a chance to shine! That may be a bit cliche, but hell I cannot put it any other way how valuable a contribution Till We Drop are making to our region.

If your in a band, or a solo artist, sick of not being taken seriously, then do something about it, and contact Till We Drop Promotions. These guys are here to help those who wish to be helped!

For more details contact them via their website:


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